Release Notes

Weekly Playtest 6 – May 17

Last update May 17, 2019

Some important facts for the playtest:

  1. The test will start on May 17 at 5PM CEST / 11 AM EDT
  2. The test is scheduled to end on May 20, 9  AM CEST / 3 AM EDT. You can check the server status here.
  3. To facilitate leaving the servers open overnight, the chat will be deactivated for the foreseeable future. However, you can still use the comm wheel and we also recommend that you join the official Discord, in case you want to ask for advice or give feedback.
  4. We have recently introduced Spanish and French localization into the game. If you are a native speaker of those languages, we would really appreciate your help to improve the quality by reporting wrong or missing translations via the „Report Bug -> Localization Bug“ tab in the game menu.
  5. For know issues, please check the end of this page.

What to expect?


New Archetype: Syndicate Enforcer

First of all, we are happy to show you a new Archetype for character customization: the Syndicate Enforcer! This sinister Gentleman sports a very stylish bionic arm, which really underlines his shady and often dangerous line of work.

Polished Laser Drill

The model and assets for the Big Laser Drill are now much more polished and well-rounded, hopefully giving you amazing visuals to go along with the new contract type.


The forest industrial area has received another art pass and now shows many more details and environmental storytelling elements.


We completely reworked the health and shield bar. It should provide you with a more visible, intuitive and immediate feedback on the status of your shield and health.




  • Removed shield „shell“ model while in DBNO, making the player profile smaller while downed.
  • AI will no longer ignore players in DBNO; damage dealt by AI to DBNO players is 1/3 of the normal amount.

Match Credit Economy

  • We increased income from all sources by ~10%.


  • Thresholds for the Zeal shard are slightly higher, which should make it worth less points per match.


  • All blueprints are now set to unlock at specific levels of reputation with the corresponding faction.
  • Sometimes there might be surprises, because the supporting message system is not completely done yet

Tweaks to the PvE Enemies

  • Lowered Howler Health
    • Tick Master 4000 → 2500
    • Standard Howler 3000 → 2000
  • Increased Howler ranged damage 8 → 12 per hit


Mods in General
  • Added new mods for most weapons, but many are still in an early balance phase
  • The following weapons have mods and an initial balance pass:
    • All pistols – Bulldog, Hammer, Scarab, K-28 Mk2
    • All SMGs – Asp Flechette Gun, KM-9 „Scrapper“, Voltaic Brute, S-76 PDW Mk2
    • Assault Rifles – Advocate, KOR-47
    • Burst Rifles – Phasic Lancer
    • Sniper Rifles – Kinetic Arbiter
Pistol Mods
  • Bulldog – Added 3 new mods:
    • Body Slot
      • „Hardkick Hammers“ – Slightly increases rate of fire at the cost of recoil
      • „Shell Divider“ – Increases the shotguns ammo from 2 to 4, at the cost of damage and fire rate
    • Magazine Slot
      • „Cluster Shells“ – Creates a tighter, long range spread pattern, at the cost of damage output
  • K28-Autopistol
    • Mods
      • Full Auto: Now increases max spread
      • High Caliber Chamber: Now decreases recoil recovery amount by 25%
  •  Hammer
    • Mods
      • Fixed a naming issue, „Power Chamber“ #2 is now „Ionized Chamber“


Weapon Balance
  • Reload will no longer be cancelled by sprinting; players will continue reloading and won’t be able to sprint before finishing the reload. (This will be iterated upon in the future)
  • Voltaic Brute
    • Reload time from 1.7s to 1.85s
    • Reduced recoil slightly to make it more smooth
  • ASP Flechette Gun
    • Projectile speed from 4500 to 15000
    • Spread recovery start from 0.09 to 0.2
  • Scrapper
    • Ammo count from 25 to 24
Customer Service
  • You are now able to report issues in our game through the overlay menu.
  • These are not intended to be bug reports, but more broader questions which can be replied by our customer service team.
  • It’s currently our first implementation and we’re expecting some hiccups from this so would recommend using The Cycle discord for more immediate questions.


Thank you for all your feedback last week.

We recommend to watch today’s stream with Executive Producer RickDekard and Senior Level Designer Tesuji!  (Starts at 5 PM CEST on
Also, there will be a special stream with our Game Director Torque and Senior Gameplay Engineer Joxx^0r on Saturday 5pm CEST!

Please remember, this is an alpha build, bugs and crashes are to be expected. If you find any issues during your session, please don’t hesitate to report it using the bug reporter tool in-game. Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to lower player count.

Known issues:

  • Chat has been disabled for the duration of the test. We recommend to join our Discord to join the conversation.
  • Mods are not active on all weapons yet, but the following weapons have received mods and an initial balance pass: All pistols, all SMGs, Advocate, Phasic Lancer, KOR-47, Kinetic Arbiter
  • Client crashes might occur when crafting weapons, please send the crash report should this happen to you.

We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!