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Weekly Playtest 2 – April 18

By April 18, 2019January 2nd, 2020No Comments

Greetings Prospectors,

Today’s playtests brings two major changes:

  1. We will leave the servers online for 10 more hours compared to last week, so that players in the Americas have a better shot at testing the game too. The test is scheduled to end on Friday 19, 9 AM CEST / 3 AM EDT. You can check the server status here.
  2. In order to facilitate this, we had to temporarily deactivate the chat. So, you will not be able to communicate via chat in-game today. However you can still use the comm wheel and we also recommend that you join the official Discord, in case you want to ask for advice or give feedback.

What to expect?

The build is largely the same as last week’s. You can read the release notes here.

We had some significant changes to kits in the pipeline, but the build wasn’t stable enough, so we had to use yesterday’s version of the game. We plan to implement the kit changes next week so that you can test them in the next Playtest. We would still like to hear your feedback about progression, crafting and so on.

Speaking of which, thank you for all your feedback last week. We’ve seen your thoughts regarding crafting, the new evacuation, movement, etc. and we’ll address them as soon as possible. We recommend to watch today’s stream where our Game Director Torkel and our Executive Producer Jonathan will talk more about your feedback and future tests! (Starts at 5 PM CEST on

Please remember, this is an alpha build, bugs and crashes are to be expected. If you find any issues during your session, please don’t hesitate to report it using the bug reporter tool in-game. Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to lower player count.

Known issues:

  • Chat has been disabled for the duration of the test. We recommend to join our Discord to join the conversation.
  • Mods currently have no effect. You can still craft them, but at the moment they won’t make any difference, so we recommend NOT to craft them to save your resources.
  • After redeeming the key, the game might appears as “unavailable” on the Epic Games Store. Restarting the Epic Launcher should solve this.
  • When you load into the match lobby for squad mode, it will look like all players are in the same squad. This is just a display issue, and you will be in squads of 4.
  • Client crashes might occur, when crafting weapons, please send the crash report should this happen to you.
  • After finishing a match you will get faction experience towards your progression. Currently, there’s a display issue causing the progression bar for each faction to remain empty. However, you’re still gaining progress, and your current faction level will be displayed correctly.


We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!