Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover how to collect Veltecite minerals.

The Veltecite crytals are valuable. Immensely valuable. Ever since we started mining them, their value on the solar market has gone up at an extraordinary rate. It helps our researchers make new finds in physics, it can be used to empower heavy machinery, it slices, it dices, but not only that, it’s shiny to boot!

The matter of fact is this: Veltecite is valuable, it’s so abundant on the planet that it grows out of the flipping ground(!), and every major faction wants it. That’s why we need you!


When you are on the planet, try listening carefully and maybe you will hear the crystals hum ever so slightly. If not, just keep your eyes peeled for large purple chunks of rock. Once located you need only to approach it and interact with it to call down an excavator drill. The drill will automatically process the minerals. The bigger the patch, the longer it will take. Once the excavator has completed its task it will announce a job well done with a brand-approved melody, this is your queue to interact with the drill to send us the gathered materials.

By the way… we have the legal obligation to inform you that the local wildlife has been known to attack people excavating the crystals. You will need to dispose of them if you want to collect the minerals safely. Make sure to assess the danger and yield potential of a crystal cluster before calling down your excavator! You can see every patch you discovered on your map, with an indication of its size and risk.


You complete the contract by collecting the required amount of minerals. The amount will be tracked in your HUD on the left hand side. The amount we require of you will increase as you keep handing them in, but don't worry, Veltecite clusters come in different sizes. The bigger they are, the more minerals they will yield. But this also means longer excavation times and an increased amount of angry critters.


If you ever hear a happy melody in your vicinity, it is very likely that other Prospectors are nearby. You can either avoid them...or try to steal the minerals from under their nose while they are busy fending off the monsters. Good thing to note is that you do not actually need to kill all the critters in order to collect, and neither does your opponent.

But while you are fighting it out with the competition, nature might reclaim its possession. The excavator can be destroyed if left unprotected. This means that you would have to restart the process and lose valuable time, so keep your eyes on that drill!


That’s the brief, Prospector. Remember: find crystals, call down the drill when you feel you can handle the heat and send us the minerals once the excavation is completed. You do not need to kill all the alien fauna to collect the crystals, so watch your back for sneaky competitors. Bring us the purple jewels of Fortuna III and we will make it worth your while!