Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover the contract of gathering data from the Uplink.

Fortuna III went down in the blink of an eye, and it was the home of not just colonists, workers, and more importantly, scientists. It also had a gathering, a collection, an... abundance of research data the likes of which the world has never before seen. In order to effectively store and protect it, the data was heavily encrypted and kept in flux, moving from storage point to storage point. The data is inaccessible from Prospect Station due to the Cycle’s interference. That’s where you come in: We need this data, Prospector. No, “need” is a word for simpletons…. we CRAVE it. What we do “need” is for you to act as a collection node for us.


First off all you will need to locate an active Uplink station. There is always one active Uplink on the map. No more, no less. The station will only stay active for a limited amount of time before we need to close it down and activate the next one in the sequence, to keep up with the data fluctuation, so keep a spring in your step!

As you enter the near vicinity of the Uplink your suit will need to sync up with the access point before the transfer can begin. This will be indicated on your HUD by a progress bar. When the process is complete, you do not need to stand in the syncing range anymore because it will collect the data automatically and count it toward your contract completion. Be warned though! Other prospectors can steal away your ownership of the Uplink if you are not there to contest it. Defend the Uplink if you want to get the most out of it!


In order to complete a contract, you have to hold the Uplink until the requested amount of data has been uploaded. The necessary amount is highlighted in your HUD on the left hand side. For further contract stages you will need to collect progressively more data. And remember: you can only collect data from an active Uplink!

Take too long, and the active Uplink will change its location, at which point all ownership is turned to null. You would have to go to the new location and repeat the syncing process if you want to continue collecting data. It pays to be decisive and to go to an Uplink location early in the match!


That will be all, Prospector. Remember, the sooner you sync the Uplink to your suit, the longer you can collect data before it changes location! Don’t let us down.