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Technical Alpha – Release Notes

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Greetings Prospectors,


Below you can find the release notes for the Technical Alpha. This patch includes a lot of balancing changes, quality of life changes and world polish on the map, and of course the migration to the Epic Games Store.

If you haven’t played for a while please also check out the release notes of the last public playtest (PTS  for a fuller picture of the changes and improvements since Alpha 5.


New Weapon

  • “The Scrapper” was added to the game. This Korolev produced, short range SMG deals high damage when up close to a target. However its heavy kickback and small magazine makes it subpar at longer ranges.


  • The central area has been reworked.
  • The “Crashed Ship” location has been reworked and combined with a new landmark: The giant “Azure Tree”, which is visible across the map.
  • Overgrowth and weathering has been added to structures.
  • Multiple new assets have been added to the human settlements, in order to provide a better sense of the previous inhabitants and the effect the Cycle has on the intrusive forces.
  • Flocks of non-aggressive birds have been added, enriching the fauna and ecosystem.

Character Customization System (has this evolved since the last PTS?)

  • The first stage of the Character Customization and Archetype system has been added
  • The Hunter, Scout, and Poacher Outfits have been added.
  • The Alpha reward skin has been added. (Going into effect from Closed Beta and onwards: These will only be available to player who took part in the Alpha)

Station rework and crafting equipment

  • Further iterations on the Station rework have been implemented.
  • The Gearset selection screen has been updated.
  • Crafting materials has been updated.
  • Added new rare materials to Blueprints as requirements for crafting.
  • Stats have been added to weapon details and change based on applied mods.

Balance changes

  • Match
  • DBNO has been reworked. If players use Emergency Triage while in DBNO to teleport to safety, it now goes on a 15min cooldown. This leaves you much more vulnerable to attacks for the rest of the match.
  • The risks and rewards of Contracts have been rebalanced. Standouts being the Mineral Contract, which should now ensure a better balance of risk vs reward as well as return of investment.
  • The different possible combinations of Contracts during a match have been updated.
  • AI threat has been rebalanced to ensure that the inhabitants of Fortuna III become more of a threat as the match progresses.
  • The in-match Credit economy has been rebalanced.
  • The distribution of Monster nests has been reworked.
  • The distribution of Materials on the map have been reworked.
  • Defeated Prospectors now drop credits and items.
  • The Top Player of a match is now highlighted with a unique badge prior to Evacuation.
  • Players are now able to interact with objects or heal while under the effect of “Damage over Time” such as Toxic Rounds or the acid of green Blast Ticks.


  • Weapons
  • Weapon hit feedback have been improved.
  • The overall Time to Kill has been lowered by increased damage on weapons in general.
  • Many weapons have had their damage increased.
  • Many weapons have had their rate of fire, ammo count and time to ADS changed.
  • All weapons now use recoil compensation.
  • All weapons have had their recoil behaviors updated.
  • All weapons have had their ADS spread reduced, most guns are now pin-point precise while targeting.
  • All weapons have had their spread values changed to better suit their roles.
  • All weapons have had their weak point multipliers and AI damage adjusted to better suit their roles.
  • All weapons have had their effective ranges updated. For example: short-range weapons (SMGs, Shotguns) and mid-range weapons (Assault Rifles) should now outperform long range weapons (Snipers, Battle Rifles) when up close, and vice versa.
  • All slow firing weapons should now deal increased damage against AI to compensate.
  • Shotguns now have a limited range for their hitscan pellets (approx. 30-40m).
  • ICA shotguns now have predictable spread.
  • Shotguns now deal greater damage up close.
  • Snipers now have slower bullet velocity and increased curving as a result.
  • Scopes have been updated. Guns now either use a 3D model scope, or a 2D image scope that fills the screen, depending on the sight’s intended range.
  • Projectile weapons now don’t have damage falloff (e.g. KARLA mortar, KARMA sniper, Manticore AR).
  • 900 Credit weapons have been rebalanced to not be quite as effective and fill more of a niche role.


  • Prospector kits
  • The Starter Kit now also has Double Jump to allow for better traversal of the map with the standard equipment.


  • The scanner has been improved.
  • DBNO and general UI have been improved.
  • Weapon impact sounds have been improved.
  • AI sounds have been improved.
  • Contract related sounds have been improved.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A Damage Breakdown system has been added, which can be viewed after death.

Multi region support was added.