Sign Ups Now available for the Second Closed Alpha Test

The Cycle is undergoing a fundamental rework touching on all aspects of the original game. An entirely new and more suspenseful experience awaits you, with a world more beautiful and dangerous than ever. Expect a thrilling high-stakes PvPvE sci-fi shooter all about taking risks, where all your choices matter.

If you die, you lose your stuff!
If you make it back alive, you get to keep your spoils.

The Cycle rework continues on the 22nd July with our second Closed Alpha - This test will focus on squad play and weapon modifications. There is also a new creature prowling around the surface! So don't miss out and sign-up below. Even better you can do so on Steam or Epic Games Store!

Important notice: This will be a closed test and Participants will not be allowed to stream, record video or audio, or take screenshots.

This Alpha Test has a specific feature scope and not every feature is going to be enabled. The test is primarily aimed at the core gameplay, there are likely to be game breaking bugs and errors. All progression will be reset at the end of the test. Please be aware that this iteration of the game is purely meant for testing and feedback and if the aforementioned issues reduce your excitement for the game, then it may be better to wait for a later test closer to the final released product.

YAGER Development GmbH reserves the right to remove any participant from the test at any time.

If you want to participate in the Closed Alpha Test and all further tests on Steam, please follow this Link. Otherwise enter your email below to apply for a test key for the Epic Games Store.

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