Get your groove on with our Starter Packs

All Starter Packs are available to buy in-game

Maverick Pack

New in town? This exclusive Starter Pack will give you a head start; with the Wrangler outfit, a weapon coating and Knife to match, the Bow emote and your first fistful of Aurum you’ll fit right in!

Gunslinger Pack

A Prospector without their trusty sidearm soon ends up foamed! So give your pistols the love they deserve! We'll throw in the entire Storm Runner outfit, the Mr Universe Emote, Scouting Axe and a pile of Aurum! What's not to like?

Most Wanted Pack

The best Prospectors always come prepared! You'll get the Syndicate Enforcer and Survivalist outfits, two exclusive emotes, four awesome weapon skins, the Hard Hitter Wrench, a mountain of Aurum, and you'll get to the surface in style with the Hundredth Fall drop pod!


  • 600 Aurum
  • Emote – Curtain Call
  • Wrangler Chestpiece
  • Wrangler Boots
  • Wrangler Gloves
  • Melee weapon skin – Hunter’s Choice


  • 1200 Aurum
  • Emote – The Universe
  • Storm Runner Chestpiece
  • Storm Runner Boots
  • Storm Runner Gloves
  • Weapon Skin – Lion Hammer
  • Weapon Skin – Demon Bulldog
  • Weapon Skin – Viper K-28
  • Weapon Skin – Koi Scarab
  • Melee weapon skin – Scouting Axe


  • 3600 Aurum
  • Emote – Challenge
  • Emote – The Champ
  • Survivalist Chestpiece
  • Survivalist Boots
  • Survivalist Gloves
  • Syndicate Enforcer Chestpiece
  • Syndicate Enforcer Boots
  • Syndicate Enforcer Gloves
  • Weapon Skin – Eagle C-32 Bolt Action
  • Weapon Skin – Tiger FF4 Detonator
  • Weapon Skin – Dragon S-576 PDW
  • Drop Pod Skin – The Hundredth Fall
  • Melee weapon skin – Station Wrench