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Spring Event on Fortuna III

By April 8, 2020No Comments


Greetings Prospectors,

It’s that time of the year when a good old spring clean is in order. Out with the old and in with the NEW – some eggsquisite weapon coatings, eggcellent banners, and an eggciting new game mode!

In the Spring Event Duo Mode, you and your partner have one job – find as many Alien Life Form (A.L.F.) Eggs as possible and deliver them to one of the deposit stations. Think of it as the Bright Caps contract on steroids.

To help you stay focused on the mission at hand, we’ve disabled all other contracts. Well, all eggcept for Cycle Spike, because what’s more fun than trying not to die, while searching for eggs? Trying to dodge lightning while you do it, of course! You can eggspect lots of firefights and PvP action in fast-paced rounds of high-risk, high-reward egg hunts.

Speaking of rewards – We’ve added two new Spring Event banners to the game – the fancier of the two will go eggsclusively to the best of the best of egg hunters out there! And finally, for the duration of the Spring Event only, you have an eggstraordinary great deal for you – a whole bundle of Weapon Coatings!


The Spring Event will be live for one week until April 16 at 9 AM CEST.

Let the Hunt begin!