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Release Notes

Release Notes – Release 22 – Season 3.5

By diciembre 9, 2020No Comments


Last updated on December 9th, 2020



Welcome to Season 3.5, Prospectors!

The season extension for Season 3 – Stormchasers is here!

Discover 50 additional levels for your Fortuna Pass full of cool new goodies and revamped versions of past favorites. The Fortuna Pass extension is free for all owners of the current pass. If you had a Fortuna Pass level beyond 100 it will be reset to 100, but you will get a banner as a reward to show off!

New outfits, emotes with effects, new spray designs, banners with sound, all the good stuff to make you stand out during your adventures on Fortuna III!

A victory is only half as good if you don’t style and profile!


The Miracle over Neptune festivities reached Prospect Station. Enjoy the artificial snow and jolly atmosphere Prospectors, it seems that the celebrations soon reach Fortuna III as well!

Once again, Prospectors across the galaxy are gathered to celebrate this huge space miracle of how the Starlight Song saved the lives of thousands of settlers trapped in a doomed space station on the Neptune orbit. The time for sharing is now, show everyone how much you care!

Don’t hesitate to check out this page if you need a quick refresher on the holiday season!

Also, you might want to stay tuned for our next event coming up soon. If you liked the Nightmare on Fortuna III, you’re sure to love this one: the planet itself will join the festivities with a big layer of snow, some new jolly contracts and special challenges that will grant unique rewards. It’s happening Soon™ so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


  • Pinging Brightcaps clusters works now
  • Flying Howlers receive damage from the Precision Strike ability
  • Sometimes the EVAC could not be pinged on the map, this works now
  • Some parts of the maps had some seam issues, those got fixed
  • You can only finish one tracking contract at a time
  • Asp Flechette Bundle Ejector received an icon change
  • «Taking the scenic route» challenge description got fixed
  • Player search for your friendlist now works as intended
  • Friendly Heavy Turrets now shoot through your Kinetic Barriers


  • Voice chat will not work in the lobby when using the open microphone setting. Push-to-talk will work just fine.
  • Some players might experience issues with their mods on certain weapons and suits (k28, dragonfly)


Please remember:

We are still in Early Access even though Season Three has started. The game is still in development. This means that bugs and crashes are to be expected.

Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to a lower player count around these times.

We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!