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Release Notes

Release Notes – Release 15

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2020



Release 15 is out today! Check the AI changes, the contract changes, and everything else that has been added in the notes below.



Updated Hurler (now called the Ravager)

There are a few changes made to make this monster more menacing and continue to add interesting decisions the player faces in the battlefield.
First, we renamed the monster to Ravager (it seemed fitting due to its nature).
Second, the monster was scaled up slightly and added more spikes to better differentiate its silhouette.
Third, new behaviors and animations were added.
The monster is interested in closing the gap between his victim very quickly.  To achieve this it dodges left and right on its way to deal damage. It’s a much more sturdy and menacing enemy to face now.

Other AI updates:

  • Monsters naming update
    • Hurler == Ravager
    • Squatter == Grubbling
  • Co Bots now have better names
    • Co-Bot: Squaddie == Assault
    • Co-Bot: Grenadier == Blaster
    • Co-Bot: Rocketeer == Rocketeer


Fights are often perceived chaotic and therefore we will look into some of our base behaviors.
Additionally, the word floaty has been dropped both around the office and the community. Where no planet is the same we will look into finding a nice middle ground.
One step is bringing the base movement and sprint speed closer together, base movement should feel less punishing to use, and sprinting is considered less of an instant movement spike due to the smaller difference between the two.

  • Walk speed is increased from 3.9 to 4.4
  • Sprint speed is lowered from 7.4 to 6.6
  • Backward movement reduction from 15 to 20%
  • Side movement reduction from 10 to 15%
  • Increased falling velocity


  • Shield
    • Adjusted regeneration rate from 120 to 90 per second
  • In air control: Boxer, Basic and Dragonfly
    • In air control allows directional movement while in the air. Jetpacks can still have control while the jetpack is active.
    • Air control changed from 100% to 25%
  • XP
    • Reduced kit level XP requirements in order to allow players to reach levels 6 and 7 faster.


  • Set VP:Credits ratio for completing contract tiers from 1:1 to 1:2
  • Increased base credits from loot crates from 50 to 100
  • Decreased value of map credit pickups – This still rewards exploration but will not affect the credit economy too much.
  • Buffed gas scoring in solo and duo
  • Buffed powerup scoring in squad
  • Increased credits from monsters
  • Changed Brightcap contract to simplify values – The contract will play the same as before, it’s just a number squish.
  • Further reduced credit income from laser drill monsters


B9 Trench Gun

We’ve added in a single reload, breach style pump shotgun to the starter lineup.  It holds 6 shells (without mods) which then needs to be managed in fights.  You will need to strategize when to reload and by how much to get the upper hand.

  • This beast is a pump-action single reload shotgun and can be yours for only 200 in-match credits!
    • Damage 38 per pellet
    • Fires 8 pellets
    • Refire time: 1.1
    • Magazine: 6


  • Hammer
    • Mods
      • Explosive rounds
        • Decreased impact radius from 2.5 to 2 meters.
  • K-28
    • Decreased direct damage from 43 to 40
  • Scarab
    • Mods 
      • Chain Reaction
        • Reload duration increase is removed from 50%
        • Damage reduction added: 20%
  • Maelstrom
    • Mods
      • Chain Reaction
        • Radius increased from 5 to 7 meters
  • Zeus 
    Recoil has been adjusted alongside the refire time. Currently, the beam is shot per impact, and therefore a higher refire time results in a smoother look of the beam.

    • Refire changed from 0.1 to 0.03 increasing its fire rate.
    • Decreased direct damage from 55 to 20
    • Ammo count increased from 70 to 100

(Regarding the numbers below: We improved recoil through other means which means we needed to balance the effectiveness while crouched)

  • C-32
    • Crouch recoil reduction from 80% to 20%
  • Kinetic Arbiter
    • Crouch recoil reduction from 50% to 20%
  • KBR-Longshot
    • Crouch recoil reduction from 50% to 20%
  • Karma-1
    • Crouch recoil reduction from 50% to 20%
  • Basilisk
    • Crouch recoil reduction from 0% to 20%
    • Standard scope changed from 8x to 4x
  • Scopes
    • Scopes have recoil reduced. Noticeably on snipers.


  • Adrenaline Stim
    • Should no longer impact kit ability speed


  • Swamp area in Bright Sands received a visual upgrade.
  • Updated minimaps for both Maps.
  • The bugs that were causing the players to get stuck in the Rails should be fixed.
  • More toe traps and stuck spots got fixed.


Squadmate color outlines

Each of your squad members now have a unique color assignment for better identification and coordination in the match.

Gun SFX improvements

  • Manticore
  • Phasic Lancer


  • Removed season XP for winning matches
  • Normal monsters are now scannable at 15000 range with low priority
  • Removed icon indicating monster wave spawn point
  • Some of the banners got color reworks, due to the fact that they were not as visible anymore with the recent changes of the storm visuals
  • Colorblind mode is in the game now


  • Frontier Spirit skin Guarantee now has the proper look in the menu
  • Biker Queen items – name got corrected
  • Pumpkin Patch on Crescent Falls now spawns monsters as intended for minerals
  • Skulkers spawn at a later point of the match
  • Friends list and friends list invite issues are fixed
  • Foam Pose visual bug is fixed
  • Sniper Scopes that had issues in R14 got fixed
  • Friends list loca got fixed
  • Turret dmg numbers on AI are fixed
  • Chat muting now works properly
  • Push-to-talk settings should save properly
  • Season XP bar progression fixed
  • The Wicked Blade got fixed, some Prospectors could not equip it
  • Hunt contract cannot be reset anymore
  • Turret hitmarker sound is fixed
  • Fixed some minor issues with the health bar indicator of enemies
  • ADS motion smoothened


  • When you open the shop to fast after the game starts the currency values have not been properly loaded yet and will not show up.
  • The Friends List window might have a some visual issues.
  • You might experience crashes, please send us your crash report.
  • Emotes don’t make sounds.
  • Gorgon stops firing at random intervals when the shoot button is held.
  • Healing Aura first upgrade doesn’t work as intended.
  • ZEUS and KARLA can have issues with visuals in 3rd person.
  • If your name contains special characters it is not shown properly.
  • Items still lose their upgrades when dropped, we’re working to remedy this in the future!
  • When you die in a duo or squad match your team rank will not change until all of the players have either escaped or get foamed. We know that this can cause some confusion but the rank is shown at the end of the match will be the correct one.
  • If you are using a controller, please note: There is no full controller support, yet.
  • There are still some items that hover in the air while on a Laser Drill.
  • Destroyed Rides might have collision issues and or weird texture behavior.
  • If a lobby gets completely wiped the result screen might show wrong placements.
  • There are locations where Drop Pods might hover in the air.
  • Laser Drill still can have some texture issues.
  • Sometimes the boxes of your Ride can hover in the air.

Please remember:

Even though we are now in Early Access and Season Two has started, the game is still in development. This means that bugs and crashes are to be expected.

If you find any issues during your session, please don’t hesitate to report it using the bug reporter tool in-game.

Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to lower player count around these times.

We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!