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Release Notes – Patch 19.1

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Last updated on October 14th, 2020


PATCH 19.1



As we received a lot of feedback from the community, we adjusted two of the 800 credit weapons.


  • Damage from 20 to 15

ICA Guarantee

  • Damage from 50 to 45
  • Magazine size from 80 to 60


  • Zeals should not spawn on top of each other anymore.
  • The Ronin items that could not be equipped are fixed now.
  • An issue with the Prestige Primetime head got fixed.
  • The Masked Stranger Base Suit is fixed.
  • Some of the event challenges got adjusted/fixed to work properly.


  • Career stats are disabled due to some issues and will be enabled again when fixed.
  • Voice chat will not work in the lobby when using the open microphone setting. Push-to-talk will work just fine.
  • Sprint does not cancel toggled crouch at times.

Please remember:

We are still in Early Access even though Season Three has started. The game is still in development. This means that bugs and crashes are to be expected.

If you find any issues during your session, please don’t hesitate to report it using the bug reporter tool in-game.

Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to a lower player count around these times.

We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!