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Release Notes

Release Notes – Hotfix – September 23

By September 23, 2019January 2nd, 2020No Comments

Last updated on September 09, 2019



Dear Prospectors, here are the notes for the player-facing changes that came in with the update this week.

  1. Monster nests are back in the game!
  2. Fixed the Asp Flechette Gun being able to equip the RoF mod twice.
  3. Fixed Surveillance Wards not showing enemies on the map.
  4. Reduced the speed of the Boxer Warsuit mod “Fast Charge” from +80% to +40%.
  5. Fixed the problem that unavailable items were shown in the game.
  6. Fixed localization issues/bugs for Brazilian Portuguese.
  7. The trigger box for the EVAC is now bigger, so it is easier to initiate the evacuation.


Known issues

  • Item drop – Upgrades for weapons are removed if a weapon is picked up by other players than the one who purchased it.
  • Recall Teleport beacon can be replaced and becomes permanent in the world.
  • The Kinetic Barrier is sometimes placed backward – Players can get stuck in it.
  • Sometimes, there is a blank main menu on bootup.
  • Shooting Sound Problems / Audio, Sound lags
  • Sometimes you are unable to craft an item without first opening the Factions tab
  • Players can get stuck in melee/weapon switch/ reload state
  • After changing keybindings, the HUD sometimes still shows the old keys.
  • In rare instances, you could get pulled into a match while being in a match already.





Important facts for Early Access

  1. The text chat will be disabled. You can still use the voice chat (press [Left Alt] by default), comm wheel (press [V] by default) and ping system (press [Middle Mouse Button] by default) to communicate in-game, and we also recommend that you join the official Discord, in case you want to ask for advice, give feedback or simply join the community.
  2. We have introduced Spanish and French localization into the game. If you are a native speaker of those languages, we would really appreciate your help to improve the quality by reporting wrong or missing translations via the “Report Bug -> Localization Bug” tab in the game menu.
  3. We integrated the new Unreal Engine 4 version 4.22, so some instability and crashes may occur.


Thank you for all your feedback!

Please remember: even though we are now in Early Access, the game is still very much in development and not fully released. This means that bugs and crashes are to be expected. If you find any issues during your session, please don’t hesitate to report it using the bug reporter tool in-game. Please also keep in mind that queue times, especially late in the night might be longer than expected due to lower player count.

We hope you have fun during your time on Fortuna III and look forward to reading your feedback!