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Release Notes

Release Notes – Alpha III

By October 12, 2018January 2nd, 2020No Comments


Alpha Test is not under NDA anymore, so you are now free to share in-game footage or screenshots and stream the game.

New features and content

Mod System

  • Weapon mods: all the weapons can now be modified with many different additions and attachments. Create your own combinations, and find new ways to play familiar weapons.
  • Kit mods: kits can also be modified to get some very interesting perks, like lower damage from falling.

Tick creature

  • Tick explodes if it comes too close to a player, or dies from something other than a headshot
  • It has low hitpoints compared to other creatures, but it can deal a massive damage to players and AI when it explodes close enough

New weapons

  • ICA Barter Repeater – medium range burst rifle
  • ICA Voltaic Brute – close range high damage SMG
  • Korolev KARMA-1 – high damage sniper rifle

Weapons and abilities can now be tried out in Sandbox by popular demand!

Russian localization.

General improvements


  • Reduced DBNO shield health
  • Reduced DBNO duration
  • Decreased amount of health when revived
  • Added escape teleport option. Players can teleport away to their drop pod while in DBNO if the action becomes too heated.
  • DBNO cooldown duration depends on normal revive (1 minute) or teleport (5 minutes)

Loot system

  • We tried to ensure that all players can get access to first weapons and abilities a bit earlier.

Improved Gameplay in the level

  • Improved ease of movement in the level: eliminated ambiguous angles and object heights, etc.
  • Improved distribution of activities.
  • Reworked evacuation center base – more to come!

Quest List mode re-balancing

  • Reduced contract thresholds. It is now easier to finish them all and call for early escape. Beware, this will expose you to other players who might want to get rid of the competitor.

Storm visual improvements


Tuning / Balance Improvements

Weapons balancing

  • Hammer
  • All weapons
    • Added spread penalty when aiming down sights while in air
    • Spread bonus from aiming down sights no longer kicks in as soon as the player starts aiming
  • C-32 Bolt Action
    • Reduced damage
    • Increased ADS-time
    • Decreased movement speed in ADS
  • KOR-47
    • Slightly increased damage
    • Increased hipfire spread
  • Kinetic Arbiter
    • Reduced damage
  • Shattergun
    • Reduced damage
    • Increased damage of each projectile
    • Increased rate of fire
  • Advocate
    • Changed gear store price from 125 to 500
    • Increased damage to match new price
    • Slight increase to hipfire spread

Default FOV increased – from 75 to 90.

Damage buff for lone players

  • Increased damage versus players when not in a pact by 15%
  • Decreased damage versus players when in a pact by 15%

Time to kill

  • Reduced base health from 1250 to 850
  • Decreased health regeneration rate
  • Decreased health regeneration delay
  • Decreased Boxer Warsuit base shield health from 300 to 200
  • Decreased Boxer Warsuit shield regeneration rate
  • Decreased Boxer Warsuit shield regeneration delay

Kits and Character

  • Increased player acceleration
  • Added regeneration delay to jetpack recharge – energy will no longer regenerate as soon as the player lands
  • Increased base speed of Boxer Warsuit
  • Decreased base speed of Aani Quicksuit


  • Increased Melee AI damage
  • Increased Ranged AI damage
  • Increased credits dropped from low tier AI from 12 to 14

Gear Store

  • Upgrade prices rebalanced based on utility


  • Player gets stuck in auto walk w/o ability to strafe or sprint
  • Few more occasions when audio gets muffed/dampened
  • Few more places where character could get stuck on a map
  • Trying to pick up objects (zeal, cash) occasionally fails
  • Escape quest is not always marked as completed, despite having successfully escaped the planet
  • Few possible client crashes
  • Sprint marker disappearing on a minimap after jumping/landing even though the player is still sprinting
  • Spinning icons instead of actual gear set
  • Clicking on Settings in ESC menu shortly before lobby closes breaks the game
  • Heal ability didn’t trigger after dbno
  • Zeal shard sometimes cannot be picked up
  • Delivery quest came back but was not supposed to
  • Turrets don’t explode when they are destroyed
  • When kinetic barrier absorbs projectiles, the scope shaking
  • One occasion when gun could stopped shooting
  • Bombardment effect shown when walking into distance
  • Health Regen cooldown does not reset on taking damage