In addition to the general rules applied in our Terms and Conditions , we have outlined an easy-to-read version specifically as our Code of Conduct, or how we prefer to call it, the PROSPECTOR CODE. In short this is the CODEX. We furthermore hope that this will encourage respectful behavior.

We do not expect the game, chat and discord to be a clinically clean environment - however blatant toxicity, cheating, griefing and the typical -isms will not be tolerated.

In general, you may not:
• Engage in any kind of behavior that is considered griefing/exploiting, e.g.:
• Permanent DBNO (DBNOing another player, waiting until he gets up, DBNOing him again, etc.)
• Teaming with other players without being in a Pact / Duo / Squad with them – – You are in a competition with others. You are not playing to destroy the match of other players
• Spawn-camp others.
• Stay AFK during a Duo / Squad match
• Engage in any kind of behavior that is considered cheating, e.g.
• Deliberate glitch and bug abuse, e.g.
• Hiding in Level Geometry
• Using weapon bugs to your unfair advantage
• Using 3rd party tools that allow you to operate outside of the designed mechanics of the game (Including but not limited to macros)
• Using any kind of trainer/cheat software
• Using aimbots, wallhacks, speedhacks, and any other cheats
If you have an issue with this, please send a report in the “GENERAL SUPPORT” section on the support website OR reach out to one of the CMs on discord if it is about something that happened in discord.
Violators of these rules will GENERALLY be warned by a moderator (discord) / YAGER staff – we cannot and will not moderate clan or party chat or clan discord servers or similar. (Though a warning is not necessary for sanctions/action)
*Note that not all of the mentioned channels and or functions are implemented in the current state.
Should the offending behavior re-occur, we will react with sanctions:
• Temporary or permanent account ban from The Cycle.
• Temporary or permanent chat mute In severe / obvious cases of cheating, racism, sexism or any of the above examples, we might take action upon the accounts of violators immediately and without prior warning. If you feel that you were judged unfairly by the moderators / YAGER staff or want to appeal your ban / mute, please write a report in the GENERAL SUPPORT section of the website and start a dialogue with our player support.
If it is about something that happened on discord, ping the CM team in a DM.
How do you report someone? If you want to report a player for chat infractions, please drop a message to “GENERAL SUPPORT” on the support station with a description of the situation, date and time when it happened and, ideally, screenshots.
If it is about something that happened on discord, ping the CM team in a DM.
To report players who cheat, bot, or exploit a bug, please drop a message to “HACK REPORT” on the support station with a description and all supporting evidence (screenshots, videos…).
The following rules were taken from our discord server, though in more general terms apply to all parts of our community.
 1. Have fun!
2. No NSFW (not safe for work) content or discussions please.
3. Be friendly to each other and enjoy being part of the The Cycle community.
4. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.
5. No blaming, shaming, witch-hunting.
6. Intolerance based on race, sexuality, creed etc. will not be tolerated.
7. Use the appropriate channels for discussion/content/advertising/relevant information. If a certain channel is missing, ask the staff.
8. Please do not advertise other Discord Servers.
9. Please respect the admins and moderation team.
10. Please do not discuss or advertise other games overly excessive in our discord server or in our community.
11. English is the primary language of our discord server, please keep the discussion in English in all channels but local chats.
Violations of these rules may result in the deletion of the post, a written warning, a temporary or permanent account ban from the Discord server, other parts of our community, or the game. If your main focus is to create unrest, it will also lead to exclusion from our community.
We thank you for following the rules and being a part of the The Cycle community.