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The Cycle offers a very unique gaming experience, so unique it has its own game genre: “Competitive Quest Shooter”, or “PvEvP” for insiders. Your playground is the planet Fortuna III: you compete against other Prospectors, or collaborate with them, to claim as many resources as possible.   Fortuna III is a hostile planet: alien wildlife wants to rip your face off and rival Prospectors are, at best untrustworthy, at worst highly murderous. And if that’s not bad enough, there’s The Cycle itself… a planetary metamorphosis which, if you don’t make it to the evacuation shuttle in time, will absolutely ensure the end of you.   Collecting resources, completing missions and optionally eliminating other Prospectors will help you to get access to a larger arsenal of useful equipment. There are new weapons, items and bad-ass abilities to unlock by gathering resources, but watch your back, The Cycle, its fauna and the other players will be serious threats before you evacuate.   But hey, at least you could get rich!


Born from an internal pitching jam, The Cycle is in development since the start of 2018. We saw great promise in our prototype, which captured a blend of session-based FPS matches and quest objectives in an open world, a very fresh PvEvP concept that we have dubbed internally as a “Competitive Quest Shooter”. Following our prototype, we took what we learned and started full development on The Cycle, with the goal of having closed test sessions with our players as soon as possible. We practice an open development culture and we work very closely with our community to constantly improve the game. So why don’t you join us on Discord or our social media channels and become part of the journey of bringing The Cycle to life, every opinion matters. We believe that we are onto something special with The Cycle, and that our experienced team can transform our very unique vision into reality. We are currently in Early Access, so you can play right now on the Epic Games Store! – To sign up to our newsletter or to check out our guides and lore sections, visit our website here: https://thecycle.game/.


    • A New Frontier: Explore the world of Fortuna III – a hostile, beautiful new world, full of resources, alien life, and other players looking to take its riches.
    • PvEvP: Gun fights against other Prospectors may give you an edge – but the best players are those who can take on dangerous jobs against AI monsters during a match.
    • Station: Orbiting Fortuna III, the station is a leftover from a time of colonization and exploration. It is now home to Prospectors and the factions that have an interest in their excursions – for different reasons. From here you plan and prepare your missions to the planet surface.
    • Factions: Take on jobs for 3 different factions when you are down on the planet. As their reputation grows with each of them, players will get access to exciting new technology and equipment to craft, giving them new options to play and win the game. Each faction has an arsenal with its own very distinctive items.
    • 3 game modes: Players can meet on the surface of Fortuna III and join uneasy alliances with one another as they complete contracts. Or they can directly start as part of a duo or a 4-player squad.
    • Storm: The Cycle leaves only a narrow window of opportunity – stay too long, and you will be trapped on the planet and ravaged by the radiation storm.
    • Customization: A wide selection of gear to progress through, as well as a wide selection of cosmetics let players tailor their character to their individual taste and playstyle, with more options regularly added.
    • Free2Play: The Cycle is available for everybody. There is a shop in-game to customize your character and don’t be concerned, we are all gamers here, we know best that selling power and better weapons (Pay2Win) is a no-go!
    • Open development: 20 years of game development experience coupled with a high attention to community feedback are the fundamentals to make the Cycle the ultimate PvEvP reference!
    • More to come: The Cycle is in constant evolution with regular updates and added contents, stay tuned!




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Selected Articles

  • «There are elements of The Cycle that may seem familiar, but at the concept’s core is players. The ones that want to team up, the ones that want to focus on objectives, the ones out to take down some trophy monster and of course the ones who – despite everything – will go around trying to blow away other players.»
    – Rich Stanton, The Cycle Aims to Break One
  • «Wenn das Vorhaben von The Cycle aber klappt, könnte es mit seinem Mix aus Loot, Koop, PvP und sozialer Komponente eingefahrene Genre-Grenzen sprengen.»
    – Philipp Elsner , The Cycle – Koop & Verrat auf Knopfdruck