What Are we Dropping?

We are planning an exciting Season 1 Launch Drops Campaign where we will give away in-game items for the first 11 days of the Campaign!

Drops will include Bags, Armour, and Weapons. The rarity of these items is randomized, but anything from Common to Legendary Quality can be dropped.

When are drops happening?

Drops are happening at the start of Season 1 at noon CEST on June 23rd and will end at noon CEST on July 4th.

Who can Stream with drops enabled?

There will be days when anyone in The Cycle: Frontier Category can stream with drops enabled, but on certain days we will limit them to our Partnered Creators and Affiliates.
The start and end time for each drop period is noon CEST.

  • June 23rd - June 25th - Open days! Everyone will be able to stream with Drops Enabled.

  • June 25th - June 27th - Partners only. Drops will be exclusive to partners on a rotating pattern, that schedule will be revealed soon!

  • June 28th - June 29th - Affiliates only. We are making the drops exclusive to our affiliates. For 24 hours the smaller committed channels in our community will have access to the drops, this should be a great opportunity to find some new up-and-coming creators to add to your Following list!

  • June 29th - July 2nd - Partners only. We go back to the partner schedule with more of our favorite streamers from Closed Beta 1 and 2.

  • July 2nd - July 4th - Open days again! For the final 48 hours, we go back to open drops, where anyone in The Cycle: Frontier Category can stream with drops enabled.

How do I get the best stuff?

Watch longer! There will be 6 drops per day across 18 hours. The drops that occur later in the day have a better percentage chance of dropping rarer items. The chances of receiving a legendary item are slim and the best way to increase your chances is to get all the drops.

There are a total of 66 drops to claim per person and we have had a team of engineers working hard on the content available. We have balanced the rarity of those items to ensure that exciting drops are available, but also few and far between to avoid drastically impacting the economy.

You can visit https://rewards.thecycle.game/ for more information and frequently asked questions regarding Twitch Drops.

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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