Hi Prospectors! 
Welcome to our small glimpse into the future. We have 30 days left in Season 1 before we do our first wipe.  
For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, season wipes are used to put everyone onto a level playing field while also adding content to the game that will make your experiences and adventures different from the previous Season! All progression will be reset except for your Aurum balance and acquired cosmetic items.  
If you purchased a Welcome Pack, you will also receive the items within that bundle (except Aurum) again at the start of all upcoming Seasons. Though any Aurum you currently have will carry over between seasons. 


What will come after that you might ask? Season 2, Season 3, and so on of course!  
It is time for a roadmap that details some of the key pieces of content coming in the upcoming Seasons. Please remember that these lists only include the highlights, and we will keep some things secret for now. 


Please note that the current wipe cycle is 3 months, however, this might change for future seasons, but we will keep updated on that. With that said, let us look at what the future of Fortuna III has to offer. 


Season 2 – Got a Light? 

  • Map 3 is coming! Your exploration and awareness skills will be put to the test as you explore the unfamiliar territory of Tharis Island.  

  • This will include a campaign of missions to lead you to your new goal. 

  • New and improved contracts 

  • End Game Gear Modding System 

  • New activity on the planet, in the depths of Tharis Island (It's a secret)

  • Reconnect Feature 

  • New Fortuna Pass content 

  • Anti-Cheat improvements 

Season 3 – Watch the Skies  

  • New Tools of the Trade

  • New enemy – The Howler is a force to be reckoned with, and their ability to fly makes for a new and unique threat on Fortuna III. 

  • Improvements to the Station, Fortuna III, and some QoL updates 

  • Events 

  • New Quests 

  • New gadgets / consumables for more tactical depths 

  • New Sci-Fi weapons 

  • New Fortuna Pass content 

  • Anti-Cheat improvements 


 Post Season 3 – Stronger Together & Dangerous Alien planet 

  • Map 4 

  • Guilds 

  • Crafting 2.0 

  • Console support 

  • Shooting Range 

  • More new enemies 

  • More Anti-Cheat improvements 


We are excited to share more about these planned changes along with a few more updates that we are keeping under wraps until the time is right.  

This of course will come with continued improvements to our anti-cheat detections and more new content that will keep the excitement up both for solo players and those prospectors who prefer comfort in numbers.  


We’ll be able to share more as we get closer to the release of each season, but until then, happy prospecting and we’ll see you on Fortuna III. 

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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