Hello Prospectors!

Welcome to our last planned patch for Season 2. This patch will include bugfixes, some weapon balancing, and a handful of miscellaneous changes/fixes. More importantly, this patch will contain the content for our end of Season event, which we will dive into all the details of with an additional Blogpost on Wednesday when the event kicks off. We heard that there are some permanent cosmetic rewards up for grabs!

We've had a lot of fun this season, and we're super thankful to all of our players who have been with us reporting issues, bringing points of interest to our attention, and creating exciting conversations as we start to close the curtains on Season 2. Onto the Patch Notes!


We have adjusted some of the big meta weapons to feel less oppressive. We will of course check how this shifts the current usage % of the weapons and will also keep a close eye on the KBR, due to the Basilisk changes.

Weapon Changes

  • Melee

    • Damage reduced from 45 to 40

      • This is to address the "one-shotting" of our fellow Striders, an unintentional result in 2.7 when we tuned their health.

  • All SMGs

    • Default spread increased from 3 to 4

    • Mid-air spread increased from 3 to 4

    • Fall off damage now begins and ends sooner, from 20-50m down to 10-40m

  • Voltaic Brute

    • Reduced damage from 9 to 8

    • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil

  • Basilisk

    • Fire Rate reduced from 0.5 to 0.6

    • Projectile speed reduced from 54000 to 45000


  • Updated the description text of the Scanner tool (formerly knows as the Mineral Scanner) to reflect it's additional abilities e.g. showing Prospectors through smoke.

    • This is something that has been talked about by our players a lot and we're very interested in how players have used the Scanner so far. We're all for cool ways to use the Scanner. However, we will be continuing to keep a close eye on this topic and will make adjustments to the usage of the Scanner where necessary.

  • New player match parameters (beginner matchmaking) have been adjusted to lengthen the amount of time before players on new accounts are moved to the general matchmaking lobbies.

  • Healing speed forge perk values have been reduced from 10%-30% to 4%-20%.

    • We will of course monitor the situation closely, to check if this adjustment keeps the time to regenerate in check.

  • Our in-game news system received a bit of a visual overhaul.


  • Fixed an issue with the Alien Forge getting stuck in the 'Forging in Progress' status.

  • Fixed a visual bug causing Forged items to appear to have no max payout when using Standard Insurance.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to mysteriously teleport against their will.

  • An exploit near Skeleton Skull has been fixed.

  • An out of bounds exploit near East Collection Point has been fixed.

  • An out of bounds exploit in Woodcutter Camp has been fixed.

  • An out of bounds exploit above the entrance to Korolev Quarry has been fixed.

  • An exploit location near Lagoon Thermal Ponds/Geothermal Plant has been fixed.

  • An unintended access point to the mountain above Root Rock Tunnel has been made inaccessible.

  • A collision issue that allowed access to an unintended area in Green's Prospect has been fixed.

  • An inconsistency between the tooltip information and the actual amount of healing received from Weak Stims has been corrected.

  • Some spelling errors and translation issues have been adjusted and corrected.

  • Localization has been fixed for the descriptions of healing consumables in the following languages: DE, ES, FR, IT, JP, KR, PL, PT, RU, and CN.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Report UI menu to break when switching between 'Cheating' and 'Behavior' tabs.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Contract Progress UI to not properly update when using resources in crafting.

  • A bug with Cheating Compensation was fixed.

  • An unintended exploit that allowed Prospectors to survive virtually any fall without dying has been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in interaction prompts being invisible when being deployed during a Storm/Peak phase.

  • Fixed a visual issue with backgrounds in our in-game News system.

  • Fixed a visual inconsistency with the Tharis Ingot charm and the icon associated with it.

That's it for this round of changes, but stay tuned later this week when we talk more about the event. As usual, don't forget to join us on Discord (https://discord.com/invite/thecycle) and our Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCycleFrontier/) and make sure to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheCycleGame)

Next Patch Notes will be Season 3 Patch Notes! Don't forget: Fortuna Favors the bold!

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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