Hey Prospectors! 

Hope you’re in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned monster hunting, because the time for the grand Holiday Monster Bash is now! 
The idea is simple: drop on the surface, shoot some ugly critters and, once you’re done with blasting, go out and hunt some more! 

Here’s all the details about the events: 

How to participate 

Participating is easy: just play the game! Starting on the 22nd, Monster kills will be tallied across all accounts by looking at our internal data and added to reach a final result at the end of the event. There are specific goals to reach if you want to get all the rewards, there’s not a second to lose! 


Here’s a full list of how many creatures of each kind need to be taken down to unlock the highest reward: 

Kill a total of 3,000,000 Striders 
Kill a total of 750,000 Rattlers 
Kill a total of 275,000 Marauders 
Kill a total of 36,000 Ticks 
Kill a total of 18,000 Crushers

These numbers may look daunting but are based on our current data, so we’re sure you’ll be able to handle it! 


Once we’ve hit roughly the halfway mark, every single Prospector will receive a Gingerbread Rattler as a cute little weapon charm. 
Once all the goals have been completed, every Prospector will receive a special holiday weapon coating! 



You have until January 5 to squeeze is as many monster take-downs as you can.

After that, we’ll stop tallying up the notches and start counting the trophies. We’ll give you some updates throughout the event, so you know if you’re doing well or if you need to pick up the pace! 

And that’s all the information you’ll need for this challenge. We’re excited to see what destructive force this teamwork will bring. On that note, the time for words is over: less talking, more bashing! 

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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