Hi Prospectors,

Patch 2.2 is here and it will bring the following fixes and adjustments!

We aim to have the maintenance at 10 AM CEST / 7 PM AEDT / 4 AM EDT on the 30th of March. Please remember the ingame announcements are currently not working, you will lose your gear if you are on the planet when the maintenance starts!


• Faction campaign missions got adjusted to be less grindy
• Material selling price increased to make looting more fun
• Hard Drive price increased
• End game activities are more rewarding due to increased selling prices
• Delivery and Dead Drops reward increased
• Crafting recipes for armors, backpacks, and helmets have been adjusted
• Fixed flashlight flickering and improved performance
• Rebalanced lighting, improving visibility in dark areas
• Additional audio improvements

• C32 Bolt Action: Magazine size reduced from 8 to 4
• KM-9 Scrapper: Magazine size reduced from 18 to 17
• AR-55 Autorifle: Refire time reduced from 0.13 to 0.11 Damage increased from 12 to 13
• Manticore: Damage increased from 11 to 13
• Lacerator: Base damage increased from 25 to 27
• Phasic Lancer: Base damage increased from 11 to 13
• PKR Maelstrom: Base damage increased from 7 to 8
• KBR Longshot: Base damage increased from 35 to 39
• Advocate: Base damage increased from 8 to 10
• ASP Flechette Gun: Base damage increased from 11 to 12
• Gorgon: Shots per burst reduced from 15 to 12. Ammo per shot increased from 0.4 to 0.5. Magazine size reduced from 30 to 24.
• KOR-47: Base damage increased from 12 to 15
• Hammer: Base damage increased from 26 to 31
• Voltaic Brute: Base damage increased from 10 to 12
• Basilisk: Base damage increased from 34 to 40

• Damage amplification and reduction of shields has been adjusted to make shields feel more meaningful
As an example - grey weapon vs purple armor - damage gets reduced by 43% (Before CB2.2 it was 34%)


• UI Marker on tutorial quests has been fixed
• Additional adjustments to level streaming. This will increase the download size (~ 15GB more) but should boost the performance
• The player report window in the battlelog has been fixed and now fills needed data automatically
• Fixed some smaller issues with jobs and campaigns

Known Issues

• Data in the battlelog can sometimes show misleading data

We will continue to work hard on additional improvements. Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions for the game. 
Remember Prospectors "Fortuna favors the bold"

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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