Hello Prospectors,

Grab your warmest blanket, pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa and lose yourself in those glorious cozy Fall vibes: the Aurum Harvest Festival has officially begun and comes with its own brand of fantastic Fall freebies!

From now on and for the duration of the event, every Prospector who logs in to The Cycle: Frontier will receive a one-time reward of 500 Aurum, a free Phasic Lancer, an Anubis weapon skin to go with it and a Meteor Shard weapon charm as a cherry on top!

Now don't you wish you had something to spend that freshly acquired Aurum on? Well, what a lucky coincidence! You may want to take a look at our in-game shop: we have a sale running for the occasion. Some items will be discounted each day, so be sure to check the daily offers regularly to see what might be worth grabbing!

Finally, our Fortuna Veteran pack is also on sale, so don't hesitate to visit our game's Steam page or Epic Games Store page to check it out yourself!


The Aurum Harvest Festival will run until Tuesday, November 29. Make sure to log in and claim your rewards before it ends.

Join us on Discord (https://discord.com/invite/thecycle), on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCycleFrontier/) and make sure to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheCycleGame)

Enjoy the festival everyone. After all, Fortuna favors the bold!

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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