Season 3 just started for The Cycle: Frontier and the surface of Fortuna III never looked so inviting. Want to jump in? Then grab yourself a free pack first, before dropping to face the dangers of the planet!

The Fresh Fortunes Pack comes with a weapon skin for the C-32 Bolt Action Rifle, a weapon charm made in a special alloy and a snazzy set of clothes for all your Prospectors. The perfect set to dazzle your opponents with your best looks!

The Fresh Fortunes Pack requires the base game The Cycle: Frontier to be claimed. The pack is available for free until April 13, 2023. After acquiring the pack, log in to the game before April 30, 2023, to claim its full contents. Packs that have not been claimed by April 30, 2023 will expire.



The Fresh Fortunes Pack includes the following:

  • Kintsugi C-32 Bolt Action weapon skin that can be applied to any C-32 Bolt Action you own

  • Abyss Alloy weapon charm

  • Leather Thrill-Seeker chest piece

  • Leather Thrill-Seeker gloves

  • Tan Thrill-Seeker boots

The pack is delivered to Delivery Station in your player quarters and needs to be claimed in the "Special Deliveries" section.


Season 3 is the best of times to start your prospecting career or dive back into the game. Plus, you'll be looking as swank as ever with this stylish Thrill-Seeker set. Now that mandatory wipes are a thing of the past, new and returning players can expect to join existing players on an equal footing with a rebalanced economy and a lot of new content to discover, like the arrival of the monstrous Howler, the introduction of Mk.II weapons and the possibility to drop with a free loadout, graciously provided by the different factions.

Want to know more? Check out our dedicated article with a full overview of Season 3:

Don’t forget the Fresh Fortunes Pack will remain available to grab for free until Thursday, April 13. After grabbing it on the platform, you have to log into the game before April 30 to activate its contents.

What are you waiting for? Go get it, get it now! It's free after all!

See you on the surface, thrill-seekers, and remember – Fortuna Favors the Bold!

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