The time has come. The end has bone. The Cataclysm has abated and, with that, the first chapter of The Cycle: Frontier has reached its end. It is now time to shine a light on the Depths of Tharis Island.

Greetings Prospectors and welcome to Season 2!

The first stretch of the game may have ended but the adventure is only just beginning. Season 2 is starting in full force along with a pass at balancing, some spiffy costumes and, more importantly, a full batch of new content!

So without further ado, let's jump together into what Season 2 has to offer and how your prospecting career will move on from now.

New season, who dis?

As was our plan and as discussed previously, every new season in The Cycle: Frontier is set to fire up with a good ol' progression wipe. The goal is to make sure everyone can start fresh and be given a fair shot at reaching the peak of the Prospector ladder. This one being our very first seasonal wipe makes it all the more important, as you will be able to restart your career with all the knowledge you've accumulated so far, and yet with a different eye, considering the many changes since the start of Season 1!

The seasonal wipe only affects progression itself, which means you're starting anew from a pure gameplay perspective. The wipe includes among other things the stash and loadout, K-Marks, faction campaigns, faction levels and private quarters upgrades. Cosmetics and Aurum are of course untouched, while players who purchased Welcome Packs have had the gear contained within automatically granted again.

Tharis Island


So you might be wondering: why is the new season called "The Depths of Tharis Island"? Well, Tharis Island happens to be the name of our new map, a third area that is now available for exploration!

The new area is full of perils and riddled with potential ambush spots, but hosts some dark, powerful secrets in its entrails. It's a risky venture for sure, but one that's well worth the trip. If you fancy some shiny weapon perks, make sure to give it a whirl as soon as you can!


Tharis Island can be accessed by players who have progressed enough through the different faction campaigns. Said campaigns have been rebalanced, improved and expanded with new missions and objectives. These will lead you directly to the island, where you will be able to know a bit more about Fortuna III and the lore of the game. There is, after all, always more than meets the eye.

Overall Improvements

On top of numerous changes regarding balance and missions, we have made some substantial improvements regarding more social and, let's say, "quality of life" features.

First of all, we have kept refining our anti-cheat measure to try and tackle the issue as much as we can. Automatic detection is getting more and more finetuned while our recent compensation feature helps make sure players are not left in a ditch after an unfair encounter.

Season 2 also marks the introduction of our reconnection feature. Should you face a crash or internet issues while on the surface, you will be able to log back in and pick up right where you left, with a proper chance at evacing without losing all you're carrying.

Goodies & Shinies

The fashionistas among you know full well that "new season" usually means "Fortuna Pass". Well, bingo! A new Fortuna Pass is now available in-game, with 100 levels of free and premium content, full of gorgeous cosmetics and useful gear.

Through the new Fortuna Pass, two new Prospectors have joined the rag tab bunch of freelancer running around the surface of Fortuna III. The Cultist and the Explorer are both skilled, determined and, frankly, they look pretty badass. Try to unlock them as you play along!


And while on the topic of Prospectors, Prime Time is also making her appearance in the game, ready to flaunt around the station and cause some havoc on the surface. More on the flashy side, she exhibits some particularly dazzling outfits with a simple aim: taking down her enemies with style. Make sure to check her out and her new bundle


Finally, we're having a sale to celebrate the launch of season 2. This includes all of our Welcome Packs, in case you didn't get them back in Season 1. Don't hesitate to take a look, there's some good stuff in there!

We hope to see you all in Prospect Station and Fortuna III for this new season. Until then, take good care of yourselves and have fun on Tharis Island.

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Never forget: Fortuna favors the bold!

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