Greetings and salutations, Prospectors! 

We’ve just had an update today and, since the clock is slowly ticking towards the end of March, you all can guess that this will be the last update for Season 2. But this season isn’t over quite yet and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. And if you’ve seen our patch notes from earlier this week, you probably know what to expect in this announcement. 

Distinguished Prospectors, let me introduce you all to Storm Divers, our new end of season event! 

Storm Diving for Dummies 

An electrifying experience 

Okay, so what’s this all about? Storm Divers is the little name that’s given to Prospectors who bravely (and perhaps foolishly) decide to drop onto the surface at a time where the Cycle is at its apex. Because yeah, that’s what’s happening here: the storms are raging strong and more often than ever. 

For the duration of the event, Cycle storms will happen a lot more frequently, making the surface a lethal playground for those unwary of the elements’ fury. At the peak of each storm, lightning will strike strong, fast and, more importantly, often. Expect to up your dodging game as skies rain death if you want to come back from a dive alive. At least, each of these storms won’t last as long as they usually do. 

Bolts of the violent electric kind aren’t the only gift you can expect from the heavens though. Plenty of meteors will also join the party as they land on the beautiful Fortuna III one after another. And sure, this will make the surface even more dangerous, but think of all the loot and riches you can get from those. After all, Divers aren’t putting their lives on the line for nothing! 


The Storm Diver Survival Guide 

Authorities are well aware that Storm Divers are taking considerable risks and are willing to support them in their endeavors. I mean, you’ll still pretty much do all the work, but at least they’re pitching in a little something for once. 

Divers can expect to find a little gift on arrival whenever they plunge, as a gear crate will be available right next to their drop pod. This crate will contain a couple of items that will help survive the tempest, like night-vision goggles and storm-resistant armor. These will be entirely free, so don’t be shy and nab them as soon as you land! 


And of course, I guess the best way to survive the apocalypse is to just not participate in it. The event will only be active on Crescent Falls and Tharis Island. As a result, Prospectors who don’t want to dive will be able to experience the game as they usually do on Bright Sands. We hope you will all appreciate the option to opt out. 


A reaction from the station 

You know what happens whenever something out of the ordinary arises around the planet: the factions want a piece of it and they’re willing to pay for it. New event-specific questlines will be available from the different faction leaders. These will come with their own flavor of permanent cosmetic rewards, so make sure to tackle them before the end!


The usual greed aside, the whole station is readying up for what’s to come and is willing to lend a helping hand towards courageous Prospectors. Crafting recipes have been adjusted towards the accessible side and crafting timers have been significantly reduced. On top of that, several armors, weapons and attachments can now be crafted using a new event-specific currency. Cherry on top, items sold to the factions will yield a larger amount of K-Marks and faction points than usual. 

Everyone on the station is psyched up for what’s to come, and we hope you will be as well! 

The last nooks and crannies 

There are a last few details about the event that we’ve decided to cram into bullet points. Here you go, eat your heart out. 

Tharis-specific changes 

  • Reduced the amount of ingots required to use the Forge from 3 to 1. 

  • Timers for the Forge have been drastically reduced. 

  • Also slightly reduced the chance of side products appearing when using the Forge. 

  • In other words, go grab your favorite hammer and start forging away like there’s no tomorrow! 

Other general changes 

  • All details about the event are available in Badum’s Codex. 

  • Dawn, Day and Dusk phases have been shortened, so Night can reign supreme. 

  • On that note, visibility during storm phases has been increased, for the sake of your eyeballs. 

  • Prospectors will enjoy a 60-second grace period from lightning strikes after dropping on the surface, to make sure no one will be zapped while the game’s loading. 

  • Loot tables have been generally adjusted to the event. 

  • The “Incoming Storm” warning timer has been reduced to 3 minutes to avoid interface spam. 

  • Added several voice lines related to the event to Badum’s repertory, so you can enjoy his beautiful booming voice that much more. 

  • Added localization for event-specific text. 



That will be all for the Storm Divers event! We hope you’re as excited as we are to dive into the bumpier side of Fortuna III. 

The event will last until the start of Season 3, on Wednesday, March 29. Remember that this will be our last mandatory wipe, so go ham on your resources and enjoy your silly fun! 

Until then, take care of yourselves, don’t get zapped toooo often and have a great day. 


Fortuna Favors the Bold! 

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