Korolev Heavy Industries is the result of hundreds of corporations coalescing into a single massive entity over the course of two centuries, forming a practical monopoly in several markets. The megacorp operates practically everywhere Humanity's managed to reach, building large scale and cheap structures along with the machines needed to build them, the myriad of tools required for life outside in frontier systems, and the ships to take them there. With heavy ties to powerful political factions on almost every major world and a market dominance only challenged by their rival CoTEC, Korolev has found itself with more money and power than it knows what to do with.

The corp's presence on Fortuna III was nothing noteworthy before the Cycle hit; the planet had vast quantities of Veltecite, so they had an interest in mining claims and not just simple production. Once the Cycle hit and the prospects of reaping the planet's resources dwindled, most Korolev personnel and its assets left for greener pastures, leaving behind a skeleton crew to ensure their claims would remain in place once (or if) the Cycle ever abated. The corp's activities on Fortuna III are overseen by Vadim Tanayev, a man with nepotism to thank for his rise in the corporate ranks, and cut-through politics for his ostracism to Fortuna III after an industrial accident at a plant he oversaw tarnished his career.

Unfortunately for Korolev, the Authority charter governing Fortuna III forbids non-scientific corporate activity on the planet. Licensed prospectors, however, are allowed on the surface at their own risk, and Korolev is keen on hiring to provide a small but steady supply of Veltecite and other resources flowing to help validate the legitimacy of their presence on Prospect Station, and ultimately, Fortuna III.


Korolev gear follows the mantra of "it just works". No bells and whistles, no safety features, no nonsense. Korolev items do what it says on the tin, which in most cases involve explosives. Their kit might not be geared towards mobility, opting instead for high durability and higher impact.

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