Hi Prospectors,

Patch 2.3 is coming and it will bring the following fixes and adjustments!

We aim to have the maintenance at 10 AM CEST / 7 PM AEDT / 4 AM EDT on the 6th of April. Please remember the ingame announcements are currently not working, you will lose your gear if you are on the planet when the maintenance starts!


• Increased flashlight brightness and fixed close objects receiving too much light
• Emotes don't show other players in 3rd person if they are not visible to the player in 1st person
• The ping functionality got removed and the "over there" voice line is used as a substitute

Reduced range effectiveness of the Gorgon
• Gorgon: Reduced headshot multiplier from 1.7 to 1.3. Damage is now progressively reduced over long distances, down to 70% damage at 50 meters.

• Adjusted the MMR (Match Making Rating) values of players that squad up to reflect their choice of playing as a squad. The more players, the higher the MMR multiplier. The MMR is based on the median loot you evac with.

Reduced crafting requirements for optics and increased crafting requirements for Purple & Exotic Shields
• 4x Optic: reduced Optic Glass from 4 to 2
• 6x Optic: reduced Optic Glass from 5 to 3
• 8x Optic: reduced Optic Glass from 5 to 3
• Epic Shield: Replaced 2x Brittle Titan Ore for 1x Titan Ore. Increased amount of Hardened Bone Plate from 1 to 2
• Exotic Shield: Replaced 2x Focus Crystal for 1x Pure Focus Crystal
• Epic Helmet: Increased amount of Radio Equipment from 3 to 5.
• Exotic Helmet: Increased amount of Interactive Screen from 1 to 2.

Reduced weight of healing consumables, Shields, and Helmets:
• Weak Stim: reduced weight from 5 to 3
• Strong Stim: reduced weight from 5 to 3
• Combat Stim: reduced weight from 4 to 3
• Weak Medkit: reduced weight from 25 to 20
• Strong Medkit: reduced weight from 20 to 15
• Combat Medkit: reduced weight from 15 to 10
• Shields: reduced weight from 40-70, to 40 for all shields.
• Helmets: reduced weight from 20-35, to 20 for all Helmets.

Reduced weight of backpacks: this doesn't affect the weight backpacks can carry, only how much they weigh when you put a backpack in another backpack
• Common backpack: reduced weight from 30 to 20
• Uncommon backpack: reduced weight from 50 to 30
• Rare backpack: reduced weight from 80 to 40
• Epic backpack: reduced weight from 100 to 50

Weapons: reduced weight of most weapons
• Shotguns: reduced weight from 35-50 to 25
• SMGs: reduced weight from 50 to 30
• ARs: reduced weight from 50 to 35
• Battle Rifles and Snipers: reduced weight from 50-60 to 50
• Special Ammo: reduced weight from 1 per ammo to 0.3 per ammo

Reduced Creatures' sight and chase distance
• Reduced chase distance for Rattlers and Striders
• Reduced peripheral vision when idle for Striders and Marauders
• Reduced sight distance for Striders, Rattlers, and Marauders

• Removed 3 jobs as they were created for a different tuning - "Tools for the Job", "Ambush" and "Self-Defence"• Adjusted the level streaming again, so it should become even smoother


• Fixed an issue that bullets sometimes got fired/registered twice
• Fixed an issue with Creatures sometimes regenerating health in combat.
• Fixed an issue where lost items could count towards mission progression in the end of match screen
• Fixed an issue with the birds sometimes not triggering correctly
• Fixed an issue with Marauders not reacting to being shot


• The game now automatically picks your strongest GPU during the startup, to prevent some players from experiencing bad performance on good machines
• We additional fixed a handful of exploits that could be abused in several different ways

Known Issues

• Data in the battle log can sometimes show misleading data

As usual, please feel free to share your feedback with us, we already have some things on our list for Patch 2.4.

Thank you for your patience Prospectors!
See you on Fortuna III 

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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