Hey Prospectors! 

When there’s something strange, in the neighb- yeah okay, I’m not doing that again. 

You get it anyway, we’re gonna talk about our Howlerbusters event. After all, our challenge ended over the weekend, which means you could stop shooting those big nasties, but also probably shouldn’t, especially if they’ve caught your scent. 

More importantly, that means we have our final list of winners, our big pantheon of who will be crowned the best Howlerbusters on Prospect Station. Wanna know if you made the cut? Sure, I guess we can share that with you. 

And the winners aaaaaaaaaare 


Congratulations to all of you! Your names shall be etched forever on the timeless bastion that is Prospect Station - more news about where specifically in a future update. 

If you didn’t make it to the hall of fame, then despair not, for we have an additional surprise for the remaining hunters out there. Prospectors who have killed at least 10 Howlers during the challenge will each receive a special cosmetic reward as a participation prize. Expect to receive that in our next update!

If you're unsure of your personal tally, you can still check out our full leaderboard on our official website.

Full leaderboard: https://thecycle.game/howlerbuster

Hope you enjoyed this little competition, Prospectors. Keep an eye out for what we have in stores for you!

Until then, take care of yourselves, enjoy the surface, and... 

… oh why do I have this random tune stuck in my head right now? Na na na na na~ 

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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