Hi Prospectors, 
Welcome to another devblog, this time we tackle a topic that we often get questions about in our discord server.  
“How are you going to monetize your game?” “How will you make money?”

As an FPS game, vanity has a limited appeal compared to 3rd person shooters and we also did not want to gate core gameplay, for example by selling classes to the players.
This means that to fund the project, which has over 100 developers working on it, we need to consider how we can monetize non-vanity elements in a way that is as fair as possible.
This is how we plan to do it:

Let us talk about an important part of this discussion first – our Focus Test Group.  
The Focus Test Group is a volunteer group of players that signed up to test the internal builds with us, to give feedback on things that are in development, and to participate in roundtables with our Executive Producer and our Creative Director. The partnered content creators that currently are in touch with us are also part of this group.  
That said; all things monetization were going through several rounds of feedback with the focus group before we could see now that they are perceived positively and work as intended.
We want to keep the game as fair as possible, which is why we give all Prospectors options to obtain the different currencies. 

Here is an overview of the currencies that you have in the game: 

  • K-Marks – This is the soft currency, so the currency that you earn for doing stuff in the game. 

  • Aurum – Aurum is the premium currency that is passively generated in the player quarters and can also be bought with real currency. 

  • Salvage Tokens – These tokens are part of the Fortuna Pass and can be used for the gear salvage feature, more on that later. 

Starter Packs

The Starter Packs that we are going to offer will have different tiers, in which you can find Starter Pack exclusive vanity items for your character and weapons, some gear, and currency. There will be 4 different packs available: Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Legendary. You will be able to buy the Starter Packs in your store of choice (Steam or EGS) 


Fortuna Pass

Our Fortuna Pass works like a battle pass that you know from other games. It will run for a whole season, and you will be able to unlock items for free in the pass. You can find Salvage Tokens in the free pass for example.  
The pass will also have a paid version, so if you pay ~10 bucks for the pass (depending on the currency of your country) you will unlock the paid part of the pass, this includes XP boosters for the pass, new Prospector skins, and weapon skins.
Additionally, you will be able to find things like Weapon Supply crates, resources, Aurum, and Salvage Tokens in the free track of the pass.



As you know you can gain K-Marks when you are doing jobs on the planet and Aurum can be purchased or generated in your quarter. With that in mind, one additional thing to spend these things on is the timers and insurance.  

If you craft or upgrade something you have 3 options:  

  • Wait until the timer is over 

  • Spend some K-Marks on it to finish the process 

  • Spend a small amount of Aurum to skip the timer

The amount depends on the length of the timer, but you always have a choice and can always use the free currency that you create in your player quarters for that.  

When it comes to insurance there are two different models in the game. Insurance and Gear Salvage.
The Insurance works via K-Marks, you spend several K-Marks on the insurance, and if you die you get a percentage of these K-Marks back. 

Gear Salvage works differently than insurance.

Using Gear Salvage either costs Aurum or a Salvage Token, so the tokens that you can receive for free in the Fortuna Pass.
The effective cost starts at 10 Aurum (~ 10 cents – depending on the currency of your country) and then increases per item that you insure.
You can also use a mix of Tokens & Aurum, and you can mix both types of insurances on your drops.
If you use the Gear Salvage function your insured gear will be sent back to you, provided that no other player picks it up. If another player picks it up, you will receive the same number of K-Marks as compensation, as if you use the normal insurance. 

The “payout” for both types of insurance can be found in the player quarters 45 minutes after losing the item.
If one of your squad members picks up an insured item and gets off the planet with it the insurance is voided. 

Important things to note:  

  • Your gear will stay insured if you do not lose it, no matter which of the two options you choose. 

  • If you dropped an item and die the insurance will not trigger as you voluntarily parted ways with the item. 

  • If another player picks up the insured item and evacs with it from the planet, the K-Marks fallback will be triggered. 

  • If another player picks up the insured item and then drops it or dies, the gear salvage will trigger normally, if no other player loots the item and evacs from the planet. 

So just by playing the game and gaining levels in the Fortuna Pass and leveling up your personal quarters, you will be able to use all the functions of the game for free. 



Shiny new skins and outfits for your Prospectors?
Cool new designs for your weapons or a weapon charm to show off?
All can be yours, as it is important for us to offer a diverse range of characters and furthermore a desirable choice of weapon skins. 

Character Skins can be changed in the station and customization options can be the characters themselves, upper and lower body clothing, gloves, or boots.  

Weapon skins are either applied to all your weapons or when they are more special, only applicable to the weapon that you purchase it for.
What happens if you lose a weapon on the surface when you get foamed? Well, that is easy, you can just apply it again on Prospect Station, as you purchased the skin! The lucky Prospector that picked up your weapon though can use the weapon with the skin that you applied to it until they lose it or, if they want to, they can overwrite the skin on the station. Weapon Charms work exactly in the same manner. 

When it comes to Sprays, Banners, and Emotes, you purchase them, you assign them on the station, and then just use them to your heart’s content. 

Who knows, maybe we can even create some fancy EVAC ship skins, designs that change the frame of your weapon or backpack skins in the future.  


And that is everything for today’s devblog. Have a wonderful day and see you on Fortuna III, when we open the gates for Closed Beta 2 on the 10th of March.  

Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server! https://discordapp.com/invite/thecycle

Any feedback? Please share it with us in our discord server


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