Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will be covering the contract of Letium gas.

Letium is not only a highly efficient fuel source, but also a greenhouse gas that affects the environment of Fortuna III in unexpected ways. Before the storms opened the surface vents that you can find today, a lot of the landscape was deserted Tundra, believe it or not. Can you blame us for being invested in its collection? We need you to locate the gas veins and utilize our patented Letium refiners to process it!


It's quite straight-forward: Look out for gas nodes on the ground and call down a refiner to start processing the gas. It will continue to generate points for you as long as it is active and under your control. The vents will also show up on your map, and once you’ve placed down a refiner it will be displayed here as well.

Questions regarding the usage of the end product is highly irregular and further inquiry will lead to the termination of your contract. You have more pressing matters to attend to, Prospector.


Your contract will be completed as your refiner’s have processed a set amount of gas. The amount will be tracked in your HUD on the left side of the screen.

We will issue new contracts as you keep completing them, each asking for more resources but in turn also granting you larger rewards. Too difficult to process even more gas you say? Fret not! Our patented gas refiners get more effective at their job the longer they stay active, granting you more resources as they chug-chug along.


Make sure to protect your refiners, especially the upgraded ones, as they could be perceived as a juicy conquest to those contractors of less than average moral standing.

If someone tries to hack your refiner you will be notified of the breach, so if you stay close you’ll be able to retaliate! Come to think of it… hacking already placed refiners could be an easy way to increase your yield and grant us the end product in a more timely fashion…but you did not hear this from us.

Lastly, please do see the refiners as what they truly are: your friends! In a firefight they can get damaged by ne'er-do-well-ers, but you can also repair them by using a standard issue heal beam! Keep them healthy and they’ll make you wealthy!


That is all, Prospector. Remember: find the gas vents, place out refiners and keep them safe! The longer the refiners stay active, the larger the resource yield becomes and the more contracts you complete! Now go out there and make us all proud, and rich!