Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will be covering the contract of the Hunt...or shall we say pest control?

As you might have noticed, Fortuna III is full of dangerous alien life-forms that attack any outsider on sight. And in case it wasn’t clear, you’re an outsider! Some of these beasts are pesky, some of them are outright nasty, but there are some so maliciously transformed by the Cycle they make all the others look like Mosha dumplings. These vile monsters are brutal and highly aggressive, and they need to be dealt with. And that’s where you come in! Hunt them down and collect any samples they drop… for science, of course.


Step #1 of any hunt - Locate your prey!
We will designate the approximate locations of these mutated brutes on your map, although you will have to search for their precise location yourself. You can immediately gauge their strength by the amount of markers allocated to each zone.

Once you find the monsters comes step #2 - Kill them
It’s not Haze science, we know… but it bears mentioning. Use any means necessary, fight smart, maybe use a grenade or two? You do you.

And finally step #3 - Collect samples
Once the horrid creatures are disposed of you need to gather as many samples as you can! We hope you understand that we cannot pay you for simple promises. When you have enough samples, the contract will be completed! Also, helpful note: The more dangerous the creature, the more valuable the sample.


While you are engaged in the Hunt, be sure to keep an eye out for sneaky competitors. They might be trying to nab your hard-earned samples. We technically cannot tell who the rightful owner of the biological trophies are, so someone might try to use this loophole and steal your glory in order to collect the reward for themselves. It might be 2328, but the last liar is not born yet...

A last word of advice: The creatures are not as dimwitted as you might think. If enough of them are killed in the region, it will attract the attention of the vilest of these beasts. Engage this one at your own peril!


Remember, Prospector: Track them down, take them out, collect the samples and WATCH YOUR BACK. Now get out there and make the surface less monstrous! (And don’t forget those samples...)