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Guns for Cash – Introducing Krypto Marks

By June 24, 2020July 6th, 2020No Comments


Hey Prospectors,

in this blog post we want to introduce you to the new Soft Currency – KRYPTO MARKS. K-MARKS will completely replace the crafting materials and will give you a more streamlined purchasing process for the guns on Prospect Station. 

Devcomment by TC_Daze: 

“Guns 4 Cash – why? 

Our goal with replacing our crafting materials with a singular currency is essentially two-fold: 

  • Make our progression systems a bit less daunting and confusing
  • Make it easier for players to set measurable goals to get new gear 

Our crafting materials, while cool that you find them in the match, come with some issues with the above in mind: people have a hard time understanding where and how to get them, and it’s tough to get an idea of their actual value. With our new currency we hope players, new and experienced alike, will be able to set clear, measurable goals to improve their loadouts, as well as get rewarded with something with a clearer value and correlation to their performance. And who knows… maybe the crafting materials will one day return to be used for special gear… :)” 

Oh, tell me more! 

As a Prospector you will get K-MARKS by playing matches. The better your placement, the more K-MARKS you will receive. In the Station HUD you will have a clear indicator of how many K-MARKS you currently have. With K-MARKS you can purchase weapons and gear from the faction shops in Prospect Station. 
This of course means that you still need to level up your faction reputation to unlock new items to purchase, but you do not have to collect crafting materials anymore. Crafting materials will be removed, and the materials that you already own will be converted into K-MARKS 

In the end of match screen, you will see the amount of currency that you have received instead of the materials that you would usually have received. If you are in the station you can see the amount of K-MARKS you own at the top of the screen, next to the AurumCurrently there are no refunds possible on Prospect Station; if you purchased something, it’s yours for good. 

Do you want more details? 

Every match that you play will give you K-MARKS
The amount of currency that you receive will be based on the position that you have in the end of the match. This might change in future iterations and it is possible that we implement sub-steps that can influence the amount. 

If you are in the station and mouse hover over the amount of K-MARKS you own in your top bar menu, you’ll see the maximum that you can have. Every amount you earn over this limit is lost.
If you click it, you will get to your loadout section and you can configure the guns that you own.  

To buy your new gear you need to visit the faction HQs on the station, or you can simply use the nifty quick access menu that we have built for you. Whenever you can purchase one or more items in any of the faction HQs there will be a highlight visible in the world and in the quick menu, so you know that you have something unlocked. You will earn the faction XP the same way as before, so just level them up and you’ll be able to buy additional things with your hard earned, fancy new currency. 


Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server!