Game Mode Schedule

As you are aware, we sometimes temporarily switch off a Game Mode for testing and to ensure better queue times. We received a lot of requests from you to make it known in advance which Game Modes will definitely be available any given day.

And so, here it is: our new schedule! We try to incorporate the regular tournaments we know about into the choice of Game Modes every day. If you have a recurring event already going, and it would be blocked by the current schedule, please feel free to contact us in the next week.

As of now, we have three constants:

  • Solo will always be enabled
  • Two Game Modes will be open for the whole day.
  • We will only switch off the third Game Mode if necessary. We will reactivate it as soon as it makes sense in regards to queue times.

Disabling a game mode will likely happen in the morning (CET). Re-enabling it will most likely happen around the early afternoon (CET).