Faction spotlight – Osiris

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Osiris, a subsidiary of Blue Planet Financial, is one of the few corporations that decided to come to Fortuna III, only after its unique hostile environment was discovered. A young corporation, Osiris’ parent company had a long history of buying incipient and struggling R&D and tech firms to develop and license patents to third parties.

With the discovery of the Cycle and sensing an opportunity where other corporations saw inconvenience, Blue Planet Financial founded Osiris as a financially and legally independent company to research what could be the next major technological breakthrough in human history. Or it could turn to be yet another in a series of failed investments on the edge of space that almost invariably result in massive loss of life, one of the two.

In-game model of Osiris research drones

To the public, the company’s primary goal is to examine and explore Fortuna III and the Cycle, to research alien artifacts, and the recovery of exotic resources. Whether its private goals align with this, remains to be seen.

If they suspect another company holds new knowledge on a data uplink or structure, then it is only just that Osiris know about it as well. Their operations in research on the station and artifact recovery on the planet are costly, forcing them to deal with Prospectors and involve themselves in more mundane matters to ensure a steady cash flow.

Concept art – Osiris leadership

Headed by Emanuel Sullivan, a scientific visionary, the young corporation hopes to break new ground thanks to the planet’s abundance of Veltecite and its globe-encompassing energy field.

Osiris only recently started hiring Prospectors to handle the bulk of their matters on the surface, after several unfortunate, and costly, “incidents” borne from inexperience; these days, scientists and researchers are confined to the station.



As Osiris has a vast bank of patents at its disposal, its items are the cutting edge. At first glance, it’s difficult to tell what an Osiris weapon actually does, or if it’s even a weapon at all; smooth surfaces with hard, uniform edges, moving parts, components that pop or swing out when a weapon is activated or an auxiliary function used.

Since neither Osiris nor its parent company is a proper manufacturer, many items may seem overdesigned, with too high a focus on aesthetics rather than practicality in construction or use. In reality, these objects are highly effective for the one purpose they were created for. Granted they might be quite terrible at everything else.

In-game model – BASILISK

The Basilisk is the result of an offshoot project during early development of the Phasic Lancer. It trades a higher ammo count for a much stronger energy discharge. A phase tech marksmen rifle; the Basilisk’s impacts aren’t as powerful as other weapons in its class, but it boasts a high rate of fire.

While still in the prototyping phase, Osiris is happy to offer this rifle to Prospectors of a high enough standing.

Concept art – GORGON

A powerful beam rifle that requires charging up before firing. Not the easiest to handle, but lethal in the right hands. Dubbed the Zeus’ little sister, the Gorgon may not be as devastating, but its glare can leave any target petrified in place. And crispy.

Concept art – Zeus Beam

Called “Zeus” for turning any mortal into the God of Lightning, this heavy weapon will fulminate any creature that meets the divine ire of its wielder.

While beam based weapons have found heavy use on warships for centuries, only in recent years has the technology allowed for a portable form factor. The Zeus uses a linked-light beam to contain and focus a jet of plasma across long distances, with a fairly predictable effect on whatever it contacts.

In-game model – MANTICORE

Intended for use in pressurized environments, Osiris designed the Manticore for a more militaristic use than the compact ASP. Lightweight, accurate, and lethal, it’s seen use by marines both performing as and defending against boarding parties.

This flechette assault rifle is heavy hitting and effective at close to medium range but loses against other rifles in power and accuracy further out.


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