Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will be covering the contract of salvaging Drones.

Ever since we were driven off the surface those Osiris eggheads have been trying to make new research attempts using drones. At least, that’s what they claim. The drones also seem to collect coordinates and samples from the old colonist habitats as well as ruins. Who knows why. Can’t be good, that’s for sure... The drones might sit on important information and samples, but the issue is that they keep being attacked by the monsters that frequent the surface. Protect the drones and make sure that they get off the planet in one piece!


Whenever you find a drone site, run up to the white spheroids and interact with them in order to reboot their main drives and make them fly back to the carrier. Once you’ve salvaged enough drones the contract will be fulfilled. If you want more and bigger rewards, you will need to salvage more drones! Be sure to check your map to see the exact location of each drone near its respective carrier.

Just be aware of the fact that the drones will most likely be attacked by monsters when you get there. Note to Osiris: The “friendly beeps” was a terrible idea.


If you are the one to salvage the final Drone that fills the Carrier to capacity, a new contract will be issued to you. You will have to defend the Carrier while it is charging up to get back to orbit. The alien creatures are sure to take note of the buildup and attack the carrier. You must defend it! Also, rival Prospectors in the vicinity will get a contract by rivaling factions to stop the launch, so be on high alert. If you manage to send this beauty off into space, you will get an extra reward for completing this high-level contract!


On the other hand, if you are near a rival drone carrier launch, but not the one to activate its launch sequence, you will instead be prompted to destroy the carrier. If you interrupt another Prospector's hard work, you will be rewarded by your faction.


And that’s that! Remember: salvage the drones, and if you happen to fill a carrier, defend the launch. Or destroy it, if someone else tries to lift it off the ground. Now collect those drones!