Dev Diary – Part 5 – Events, Current Season & Veteran Rewards

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Greetings Prospectors and welcome to another dev diary! 

As you are aware, the previous diary entry was released later than we had originally planned. With this in mind, we wanted to release this dev diary entry much earlier! Surprise!  

So now we are back on track, let’s talk about what we have planned for the game in the coming months and, more importantly, what kinds of rewards you Cycle veterans out there can expect with the new direction!


Upcoming Events 

You may have noticed in the past few months that we have been producing all kinds of eventsintroducing new, unique ways to play The Cycle. 
As such, we would like to fire off this entry by going into detail about our event schedule and what you can expect in the buildup to the revamped version. 

Recurring Events 

Let’s start with our good old recurring events. Short and intense, these reappear regularly, giving you another shot at content you have enjoyed or another chance to discover things you may have missed. 

The most recognizable is our King of the Zeal event, returning for a 4th round next week! This time, you will be able to unlock the Green Zeal shard weapon charm, so make sure to take part if you want the whole collection – all the colored shards are expected to make an appearance as rewards in the future! 

Other familiar events are also returning. The Double XP & Double K-Mark weekends! These short events will help you level up your Prospector quickly and unlock that weapon or ability you have had your eyes on for a while. We will be scheduling a few of these in the coming weeks! 

Lastly, let’s talk about Showdown, our latest 10v10 event full of hectic PvP action. We originally planned this as a onetime event, but it was so successful that we are now planning to bring it back at a later point! Make sure to share your thoughts with us so we can prepare for its next appearance! 

Seasonal Events 

When we talk about seasonal events, we tend to expect them to be longer and provide a bigger set of challenges and rewards.
Last year Nightmare on Fortuna III and the Miracle over Neptune were particularly notable events for their unique content, like the giant pumpkin heads, cookie gun and snow-covered fields of Fortuna III. Seasonal Events will continue to be a feature in the revamp of the game. 
Keep an eye on our channels for more information! 

What’s Next? 

The future of the game is exciting, and it is difficult to hide our passion for it. However, we have not forgotten about the current game! We are preparing new kinds of events for the upcoming monthsThe Cycle will be as you have never played it before!

Our next event will be a squad-event called OverdriveYou had better hope your reflexes are as good as your aim, because you’re going to need both if you want to come out on top! 

[Huge thanks to Undercurrent for indulging us with yet another gorgeous artwork!] 


Season 3.5 

We have received a lot of questions about the end of Season 3.5, especially in relation to the in-game timer that appears on the Fortuna Pass screen. Due to the timeline on the upcoming revamp, we have decided to let the current season run for a bit longer. 

In other words, Season 3.5 will be extended until the revamp is ready for release. 

But we will make sure to keep you busy during that period! 
On top of the events mentioned above, we are currently working on a whole new tier of Legendary Challenges.
This new difficulty 
will be a test of might for even the strongest Prospectors out there. Show everyone around how much of a legendary player you really are! 

Progress, unlocks, and faction levels 

We are familiar with our dedicated players. We have seen you on the station and Fortuna III for some time now. All your factions are at level 10, every weapon & mod has been purchased – some of you have even been sitting on a staggering million K-Marks! To reward the truly dedicated heroes of Fortuna III we are working on a veteran rewards program that will handle the transition to the revamped game. More details further below. 

If you have been following our recent dev blog entries, you will have noticed that the gameplay will be vastly different after the revamp, and a lot of the current game mechanics will be tweaked and changed. Moreover, we believe every player should be able to start the game revamp on equal footing. 

We have decided to carry out a progress reset once the revamp has been implemented. This will mostly affect weapon/ability/mod unlocks, Faction levels and leaderboards, as the whole progress system will be overhauled and re-balanced. 

You will keep all your unspent Aurum and every cosmetic item that you have earned throughout your prospecting career, whether you have purchased them, unlocked them through events, or collected by advancing your Fortuna Pass!
Some of these 
may only exist as unique legacy items in the future, which will not be obtainable by newer players after the revamp. 

Veteran Rewards 

How will Cycle Veterans be able to boast about their long-term commitment? What kind of trophies can they show off to the envy of their peers? 

We want to make sure every player out there will be rewarded for the time they have spent on the game since the start of Early AccessYou will get rewards and you still have time to win a few more! 

What makes me a veteran? 

While every Prospector out there will have a little something to brag about, not everyone will have immediate access to everything our Veteran program has to offer. The main factors which decide what rewards you may receive are: 

  • Total time spent on the game – diligent Prospectors will be seen and duly rewarded! 
  • Prospector level reached – the higher your rank, the better your rewards!
  • Seasons played – the longer you’ve been around, the more rewarding it will be! 
  • Fortuna Pass levels across seasons – even maxing just one season’s Pass will allow you access to some juicy loot! 

In other words, the more you’ve been playing the game, the more you will get. Make sure to stick around if you want everything the program has to offer! 

The looks of an old timer 

We know the importance of cruising through Fortuna III in style. That’s why a good chunk of our veteran rewards will contain new kinds of unique, exclusive cosmetic items for the most seasoned mineral hunters among you. These include but are not limited to: 

  • A new Banner proclaiming your Cycle heraldry. 
  • Spray to tag Fortuna III for the veteran players. 
  • snazzy Melee Weapon that will be sure to confuse newer players. 
  • Unique swag in relation to future gameplay! 

Performance through experience 

Lastly, the veteran rewards will include a little bit of a head start on the revamped game – nothing too crazy, as we do not want to promote unfairness, but some things that will allow you to hit the ground running in the revamped Cycle.

Your time spent on The Cycle will boost your early progression in the revamped version, allowing you to unlock new gear and features slightly faster than brand-new players. You can also expect some currency bonuses to help you purchase said gear.

Our veteran rewards also offer some insurances against losing your loot, as well as free upgrades for your player quarters, allowing you to accumulate a larger hoard than rival Prospectors!

In other words, play now to get cooler Veteran Rewards

  • Low level XP boost 
  • Starting bonus currency 
  • Player Quarters upgrade 
  • Gear Insurance 


Until then Prospectors, see you on Fortuna III!  

Don’t forget to check the other Dev Diaries to see all the changes coming up in the future!

Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server!