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Dev Diary – Part 4 – Impressions from Fortuna III

By février 19, 2021No Comments


Greetings Prospectors and welcome to another entry of our Dev Diaries! 

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our last entry, it seems a good chunk of you were really impressed with the screenshots we’ve managed to gather from our maps team
And that’s why today will be a bit unusual, as we thought if you wanna see more, why not just give you more eh? 

We poked our maps team again and they gladly shared more visual goodness with us, as they were more than happy to hear about all your great reactions! 

[Everything seen in these screenshots is WIP and does not represent final quality.


You may have noticed that we talked about how important the meteorological conditions have become for both gameplay and atmosphere in the revamp. Thick fog in some parts of the map, dark skies during the storm and violent Cycle spikes will dull your senses as you try to navigate the surface of Fortuna III. In a word, you will have to adapt to the current weather conditions if you want to survive.

For instance, rival Prospectors might be waiting in ambush under the cover of stormy clouds and you may want to try a stealthier approach. On the other hand, a good layer of haze may serve as makeshift camouflage, allowing you to rush headlong into a new area, saving precious seconds while moving to another cover.


Another area that you can see in the pictures below is the mining site. We have shown you last time how it changes and this time you can see how nature is claiming it back.

Indoor areas also received a nice makeover and tell a better story than they previously did: abandoned equipment will give you a nice idea of how people lived and worked before the Cycle hit. 

These comparisons below will also give you a better overview on how nature was able to retake its rights after decades of human inactivity. 





But let’s just stress the importance of weather and vision through a more hands-on example, shall we?  

As an extra treat, we got some footage from the Swamp. In that small video you can get a preview of how the environment will sound like in that part of Bright Sands (Make sure to turn it to 1080p):  

And that’s it for today’s entry! This one is a bit on the shorter side as we wanted to focus on the visuals themselves. As they say, a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. 

Stay tuned though, because there’ll be a lot more to come in the future. In fact, expect another entry very soon as we delve into a subject that will surely catch your interest as a veteran player!
Hope you like reading our thoughts, we have plenty more to share!  

Until then Prospectors, see you on Fortuna III!  

Special thanks to Fennekk and C-Boy! 

Don’t forget to check the other Dev Diaries to see all the changes coming up in the future!

Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server!