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Dev Diary – Part 1 – New experiences in The Cycle

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Alright Prospectors,  

In recent weeks we’ve been talking  to you about how the evolution of The Cycle will be more centered on you, your personal agenda, and the world around you. Today, we wanted to give you folks a little more insight into how a day in your career can look like in the future.


Imagine that you’ve played The Cycle for a couple of days now, exploring the immersive world, and already experienced the tension when you meet other players on your drops to Fortuna III. You are level 4 and have gained some standing with Korolev, so you can purchase uncommon guns from them and a handful of their consumables and abilities. Because you played it smart, you were already able to upgrade your personal quarters twice. 

Having your own personal space in Prospect Station was already a dream come true, but these upgrades will allow you to stock even more weapons in your personal stash, and automatically generate some crafting materials every day – yes, crafting will make a comeback on Prospect Station. 

Now, that’s a nice start, but you know it’s not enough – keeping a healthy supply of weapons, consumables and abilities sure ain’t cheap, but you are here for fame and fortune, and that means you need the tools for the job. Plus, one can never have enough K-Marks! You’re very close to unlocking a shiny new weapon, the KBR Longshot, but you can’t quite afford it yet and you want to get more upgrades to your quarters in the future as well.  


With that in mind, you go to check on Badum and it turns out he does have a nice juicy contract license in stock just for you: hold the Uplink for a while and bring back enough Veltecite to earn yourself a sweet bonus. Completing these contracts on your next run would get you the K-Marks for the contracts themself plus the license bonus, and of course, anything else you manage to snag on the way. In short, it would allow you to unlock the weapon and buy one from the get-go!
You decide it’s time to kill two birds with one stone. Keeping in mind that other Prospectors might not have the same agenda and will have their own goals, it is time to prepare for the drop.

You start by checking your loadout in preparation for the trip. Dropping down with just your knife and your trusty K-28 is not an option today, since you need to go for the big bucks! After all, you’ll have to contest the Uplink and that will involve some PvP for sure.

So it’s time to bring out the big guns! A KOR-47 and a Bolt Action will surely do the job. Even better, both are uncommon versions of those weapons – not easy to come by – their current stats are pretty great, and they will give you an edge when push comes to shove. 

A good Prospector always comes prepared, so it’s essential to also bring as many Health Boosters as you can fit along with your last Heavy Turret. You do risk losing all of that, sure, but if everything goes well – Ka-ching! 


You’re ready… and a bit excited. The drop pod lands and you open the door. It’s very foggy today, you won’t be able to see enemy Prospectors coming for you. But that also means they won’t find you so easily – perfect conditions, considering your mission.  

You whip out your scanner and make your way towards the nearest uplink, always keeping an eye open for crates, Veltecite clusters, and special contracts. Grabbing some files from an abandoned Data Terminal would make for a nice bonus.  

Luck must be with you, there are way enough minerals close to your drop pod to just blow through that Veltecite contract straight away. The clusters do offer some resistance – a few stray monsters attracted by the noise. They could be easily dealt with within just a few shots, but you don’t want to use up your supply of ammo just yet… or worse, reveal your position to other Prospectors. Guns are loud y’know. 

You make up your mind: it’s knife time. It’s more dangerous than you expected and you end up having to use a Health Boost, but those monsters are now history and the minerals are yours. Silent, yet deadly. Time is short and that relay won’t capture itself! 


Halfway to the Uplink, you hear the low growl of another Ravager. They always hunt in packs and you could do without having to fight another bunch of Dirtbeasts. These creatures pack a punch and even if you manage to get out of a conflict unscathed, the noise you’ll make might draw some unwanted attention to you. You decide to keep a low profile and save your ammo for whatever you encounter near the Uplink. Running out of bullets right in front of another Prospector would be a foam sentence.

After some careful trekking, sneaking, climbing, and pulling yourself up some ledges, you finally arrive at the relay. You take a deep breath and soak in the fascinating sights of Fortuna III, but the sound of the local fauna buzzing around is making you a bit nervous.  

No one is in sight. Could be a trap, could be the opportunity you were looking for, hard to say. You take out your KOR and decide to run for it.
After a few tense seconds, the zone changes colours: The Uplink is now yours… and everyone else is aware of it.



Now to hold it long enough to finish your contract. Staying exposed like that is the best way to get foamed. What you need is a vantage point. You decide to drop your turret on a crate – the reward would more than make up for its cost anyway – and climb up the buildings as you prepare your Bolt Action rifle. 

It’s quiet, too quiet. Time passes slowly but the data stream increases steadily. You’re almost done, but then your turret fires a shot – someone’s near!
No roar, no glowing lights. It’s not a stray Dirtbeast, it’s a Prospector. You scan the area with your rifle, trying to get a better look, ready to align your shot. Nothing so far though and no further reaction from your turret. Did they give up on the prize or are they trying to get the jump on you? No way to tell for sure. 

One rocket, two rockets, the turret goes boom. Looks like they’ve decided it was worth going in all guns blazin’ after all… or maybe it’s someone else altogether. Another rocket misses you by an inch. There’s no question about it: you are not safe anymore. You take a quick look at your contract list.  

Looks like you’ve just received the reward for Uplink, perfect timing!  

There’s no time to lose, they can have this relay. You jump off the building and start running away as fast as you can. They probably won’t pursue you if they want to capture the area. Your uplink signal suddenly goes dark. Looks like they got what they wanted. You sigh with relief. 


There’s still 8 minutes left before the storm hits, but you’ve already fulfilled the contracts to finish your license. You decide it’s not worth the risk anymore and head to the nearest evac zone. On the way to the ship, you come upon the remnants of a small settlement. It’s a mining site, it might be worth taking a look, maybe there’s some loot hidden inside.

As you open the door to the first building you stumble across a free Kinetic Shield. What luck, these are not cheap, especially if you want to use them regularly. You quickly pocket it before moving on.  

Entering the next part of the complex, you realize that you are not alone… Co-Bot eyes stare at you from the darkness. They see you as an intruder and want to get rid of you. A few bursts from your trusty KOR-47 tear them to shreds, though you did get hurt by their explosive weapons. Taking a deep breath, you use one of your health-boosters to shake off a bit of the damage and then grab all the loot the Korolev site has to offer: K-Marks, ammunition, a Scarab, and a handful of crafting materials. Nothing to write home about, but still a nice bonus to take back with you. 

Still a bit woozy from the damage you’ve received, you exit the building complex and stumble right into the fangs of some menacing Grublings. They get a few swipes in, but your shields absorb all the damage. No need to waste any ammo on those weaklings, you unsheathe your knife and quickly relieve them of their misery, as you feel a sharp pain. A Stinger sniped you and you are out of health boost – this could get hairy fast. Now is not the time to panic!

You remember that you found a Kinetic Shield and make good use of it. Placing it behind you to cover your escape out of the danger-zone you observe a glowing plant close to you, remembering that it has regenerative spores, you spend a moment and wait until the pain goes away. 5 minutes left, time to get a move on, though you wonder when you will find one of the fabled entrances to the caves below the surface.


You don’t have much time left, it is getting dark and stormy, so you try to focus on what lies ahead, getting off the planet, safe and sound. Eventually, you reach one of the evac zones that are scattered across the surface… and realize a ship is already there. 

That means someone else has called it already and that someone might still be around. You take out your KOR again and approach the ship carefully. You need to climb into it, but doing so would leave you very exposed until the ship’s departure. 

Ah, what the heck, you risk it. 

You step forward and your heart skips a beat: You stand face to face with that other Prospector. You star at each other in silence for what feels like the longest time. Then, finally, the silence is broken. 


They’re probably in a situation similar to yours so no surprise there, no one wants to lose everything at the very end after all. Still, that’s a huge relief. A few more seconds pass and the ship takes off with both of you inside. Safe and sound, mission accomplished.


Back in Prospect Station, you collect your well-deserved rewards and head directly to the Korolev Headquarters.

That new shiny weapon is yours – in fact, you buy 2 for good measure. After all, you’ve made even more money than you expected. Truth be told, you’re pretty close to upgrading your quarters again, which will give you some additional bonuses.  

One more run on Fortuna III would probably do the trick… 

We hope this gives you a good idea of how a match in the new Cycle might play out. This is just one of the many tales that will unfold throughout your Prospector career though – after all you are the hero of your own story!

Stay tuned for additional blog posts about the evolution of The Cycle as we have more topics to talk about like competitive play, clans, crafting, weapon rarity, veteran rewards, and much, much more. 


In short:

  • Personal Quarters are going to be a thing and they will be important to your personal economy
  • Weapons will get rarities that influence their stats – NOT the base stats though, only bonuses
  • Crafting makes a comeback and therefore crafting materials will be back in the game
  • Ammo is going to be limited, but can be found on the planet too
  • You can do runs with personal contracts that you grab on the Station (See it as missions that you can pick for added rewards, new players can get a guided experience and step by step learn the game with that)
  • Loot, LOOT, LOOOOOOT is very important in the match and out of the match
  • The planet will make more sound and creates a better atmosphere
  • Melee becomes more important against AI
  • Health-Boosters to regen are a thing – Abilities / Consumables are use limited (not all of them)
  • Ledge Climbs will be in the game
  • Buildings – there will be more buildings with things to explore and the flora will also become more important
  • In the current state of the rework there is one dungeon on Bright Sands with awesome loot

Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server!