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Dev Diary – Part 2 – Everything about Crafting

By 30 października, 202015 lutego, 2021No Comments


Hey Prospectors! 

Guess what, it’s time for another entry in our dev diaries! 

In the last diary, we’ve quickly hinted at different weapon rarities. We would like to expand on that and go a bit more in-depth about the future of weapons and mods in general. And what better way to do this than talk about the return of crafting?

[Please note that all numbers are subject to change as they will receive some finetuning before the system will roll out, but we want to give you a basic overview. Furthermore, there are always changes that can happen before a feature is released.] 


Life as a Prospector has been good lately. Your missions are going well, and you did manage to get that shiny new weapon you’d been eyeing for a while. You did have the opportunity to try it out a bit – the gun’s certainly doing the job, but it could do with just a little bit more “oomph”, y’know? 

You take a closer look at your weapon and realize it’s got 2 empty mod slots. Filling those may do the trick! You’re not exactly a tinkerer at heart though so you’re not quite sure how to proceed. Oh well, it’s worth a look at least. 

After a quick jog, you reach the Crafting Station, unsure where to start. Your confusion must have been more visible than you thought, as another seasoned Prospector grabs an instruction manual from his pack and hands it to you with a smile. The cover is simple yet very promising: “Everything you Need to Know about Crafting”. You snatch it, thanking your benefactor. It doesn’t feel too large or heavy… maybe this whole crafting thing isn’t as complicated as you thought? 

Taking a deep breath, you crack open the manual and start perusing its contents. 


Gathering Crafting Materials & Loot 

The first step to crafting will of course be gathering enough materials to create what you want. Most of these will be found directly in-match on the surface of Fortuna III. But not all of them will just lie around the map and you’ll have to work a bit to get your hands on the rarer materials! 

Most materials you’ll have to hunt and pick up throughout the map. These will be your bread & butter of material gathering – the rarer the material, the less you’ll find lying around. Some will even be biome or faction specific, meaning you will only find them in pre-defined places. For instance, you may only find Jungle Fruits near tropical trees or Korolev Power Drills in abandoned Korolev mining camps. 

Some materials will only be found on the wildlife of Fortuna III, which of course includes Co-Bots. As such, you’ll have to fight tooth & claw to get your hands on, let’s say, teeth and claws. This by the way means the Hunt contract will become extremely valuable for your crafting needs, as biomass will now be used as a material. 

Speaking of contracts, they’ll be another means of gathering materials. For instance, completing mineral contracts might net you a few Veltecite shards, while powering-up a station could make you a few batteries richer. In a word, contracts will allow you to gather both K-Marks and crafting materials. Double profit! 

Last but not least, there will be one final tried and true method of getting some rare materials: loot! Crates will still be scattered in the abandoned buildings of Fortuna III and they’ll be sure to contain a lot of juicy rewards for you to grab. Do note that crates may also directly contain consumables, abilities, or even weapons, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!


Now that you’ve got the materials you need, it’s time to grab that wrench and get to work! 

You will find the Crafting Station directly on Prospect Station. There, you’ll be able to craft weapons and other equipment with materials gathered during a match. The Crafting Station is one of the most valuable places for Prospectors who want to make the most out of their loadout, all according to their personal preferences.  

You set the manual aside for a moment and take a look at what you’ve gathered so far, unsure of what you want to work on. Fortunately, the station comes equipped with a full list of schematics to help improve your gear. 

After checking them all, you set your sights on 3 mods that would fit well on your new weapon. You smile as you realize you can already create one and happen to possess one of the rare materials needed to create another. Might as well craft the first one right away.  


  • The Crafting Station has various tabs for each item category. 
  • Each tab consists of a list of items, each showing the following content:
    • Weapons 
    • Consumables 
    • Ammo 
    • Materials 
  • Craftable items are indicated by the „wrench” icon. 
  • Noncraftable itemwill be greyed out but you can still interact with them to see the stats and material costs. 

[*numbers are in no way final and just a placeholder. Some visual elements are still subject to change.

Scrapping items 

Clicking the „Scrap” button will allow you to dismantle items of your choice that you don’t need anymore. Doing so will refund a fraction of the scrapped item’s materials and a part of the K-Marks. This will serve as a nice option to free up some inventory space while making a quick buck in the process. 

That’s one mod in your new gun, one soon-to-be-created and a last one you should be able to prepare in no time. A nice boost to an already powerful tool of destruction! You find yourself daydreaming about how you’ll soon be able to put those 3 mods into your shiny Rare weapon… 

… wait, “Rare” weapon? Uh oh, didn’t the manual say weapons of Rare quality only had 2 mod slots? Damn, was all that prep work for nothing then? No, surely not. You rifle through the pages in search of a solution, then come to a stop and start to relax. “Seems like there was no cause for worry”, you think as you start the next chapter called “Upgrading Weapons”. 


Item creation won’t be the only purpose of the Crafting Station. In fact, you’ll be able to tinker and repurpose your weapons in multiple ways, including by upgrading their rarity to the next tier. 

The rarity of a weapon will determine its price and how many substats and mod slots will be available.  The base stats of the weapon will stay the same regardless of its rarity. 

You may come upon a weapon of higher rarity while browsing the shop every now and then, though crafting, opening crates and looting foamed Prospectors will still be your best shot. 

Note that not all weapons will exist as Common or Uncommon, some will only appear as higher rarity variants 

  • Weapon Substats
    • Passive stat increase (e.g.: less recoil, etc.), can’t be chosen manually, only rerolled with weapon tuning. The slots for those substats can be for example – the Barrel, the Stock or Grip
  • Weapon Tuning
    • Rerolls substats with K-Marks. 
  • Modification Slots
    • This is close to the previous mods we had in the game. You can craft them and attach them to your weapons if they have enough slots. For example, you can equip different sights on weapons. This will help you to make the weapon fit your playstyle.
  • Weapon Upgrade
    • Increases the rarity of a weapon with K-Marks, which in return gives more substats and mod slots.

Some examples of bonuses that you can get: 

Barrel – substatLowers your recoil 
Stock  – substatEquip Speed
Grip – substatADS Speed
Sight – Mod Changes the FoV when aiming and the reticle 


Mod-Kits are a new item type that you can obtain in several waysThey come along as rewards for your Contract Licenses, inside the Fortuna Pass, or even as rare drops during your runs on Fortuna III.
These will help you upgrade an items rarity or increase your tuning rolls. You can scrap them to get a few K-Marks in a pinch, but we don’t recommend that, as they are very helpful. 

The Mod-Kits will have different rarities as well – you will need a Rare Mod-Kit to upgrade an Uncommon weapon to Rare quality for instance. Do note that the Mod-Kits will also be listed in your stash and count towards the item maximum.

[*numbers are in no way final and just a placeholder. Some visual elements are still subject to change.

Well, that was enlightening. So, all you need to do is upgrade your weapon to the next rarity level, which will allow you to jam all 3 mods in there. That’s gonna require a bit more scrounging but that definitely seems possible. 

That part about Weapon Tuning was also pretty interesting. You’re not sure now, are you really satisfied with your weapon’s current substats? It seems so, but another Mod to equip might be a good thing to go for! 

Looks like the work of a Prospector is never truly done, one more run on Fortuna III would probably do the trick… 

That’s it for our entry about crafting, materials and item rarity. Keep in mind that veteran Prospectors will have access to a personal crafting bench in their private quarters, but we’ll talk more about that in an upcoming entry. 

We will keep sharing these little dev diaries of the future changes, so you can expect more info on map adjustments, contract details, veteran rewards, competitive play and even clans in the future – be sure to stay tuned for more! 

Until then Prospectors, see you on Fortuna III! 



Don’t hesitate to share any feedback directly with us on our Discord server!