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All new roles! Fortuna's Favored and Badum's Finest

We have reworked our Partner Program and you can receive rewards in one of two roles. Monthly prizes are awarded for content created and your number of referrals. It's our way of saying "THANK YOU" to our dedicated creators!

Badum's Finest creators will be awarded for referrals with in game Aurum to spend, featured in our content and get the chance to become one of the exclusive Fortuna's Favored creators!

In addition to these benefits, Fortuna's Favored creators will be rewarded for their total viewership with more in game Aurum and extra perks like in game items, new equipment and hardware.

Season 3 Creator Competition

A competition to celebrate the launch of Season 3!

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Fortuna's Favored

Program Perks

    Exclusive Twitch Drops

    Steam Store page Features

    Twitch and Youtube Features

    Monthly Competition prizes

    Viewership Aurum rewards

    Referral Aurum rewards

Badum's Finest

Program Perks

    Referral Aurum rewards

    Twitch and Youtube features

    Twitch Drops

    Opportunities to become Fortuna's Favored

Criteria subject to change

As The Cycle: Frontier Team gauges the popularity and accessibility of the Content Creator Program changes may be made to make the creator roles more accessible or more exclusive. With time changes will be made as the player base grows and these changes will be accompanied by a notification in the discord where the update date and changes to the achievements will be detailed.

Twitch Logo

Application Guidelines - applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Fortuna's Favored

    4000 Watched hours

    100 average viewers

Badum's Finest

    1000 Watched hours

    20 average viewers

YouTube Logo

Application Guidelines - applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Fortuna's Favored

    3,500 average video views

    10,000 subscribers

Badum's Finest

    1000 average video views

    3000 subscribers

Partner Rules and Guidelines

Our partners are expected to champion our core community values of diversity, inclusion and fairness as detailed in our Code of Conduct and Content Guidelines in addition to the Prospectors Code. Applicants must read and agree to these terms.

The Cycle: Frontier - Creator Program T&Cs

All creators are bound by the Creator Program Terms and Conditions, you can find them here.