Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover how to power up facilities.

Nothing runs without energy, especially on Fortuna III. It does not help that these god-forsaken storms always interfere with our electronics, making any kind of long-term scans or even just running a device for more than 30 minutes impossible.

So, dear Prospector, you will have to play the kick-starter for us. Sometimes literally. You have to go down there and activate our old colonial facilities MANUALLY, even if you have to go and kick those blasted machines into action!


Back in the day, our sys-admins always set up 3 terminals and 1 central node to prevent loss of data in case any one of them got damaged (or eaten...this happened more often than you would think).

If you see one of our old facilities, be sure to search for the central node. It’s the biggest machine of the 4 and it projects a holographic line towards the 3 terminals that support it. Just follow those lines and you will find the terminals that you have to activate by interacting with them.

After all 3 are activated, be sure to go back to the central node and hit the power switch! This will start the machine and also lock out all other Prospectors for a certain amount of time.

HAZARD WARNING: The local Flora seems to take a liking to the electronics. Please remove any overgrowth with maximum prejudice before activating the terminal!


To get the paperwork out of the way: You get paid for activating facilities. And please take it literally, it has to be YOUR hand that flips the central switch for us to recognize your effort. First, you need to activate only one to complete the contract, but the number of activations required will get progressively higher.

Note: If you have any questions, please fill out Form A38 and submit it in quadruple-copy to your local ICA representative in person on working days between 06.30 and 07.30 AM.


One more thing, Prospector. If enough facilities are activated by you or your rivals, the main facility in the area will have enough power to be activated, too. This will show up as a new contract on your HUD.

This thing gives us the most valuable data, so we want it powered up! This is why EVERYONE will get that contract. Sorry to break your illusion of exclusivity. Expect a high density of shooty competition on site.

You will also have to activate 3 terminals, but afterward, there will be a difference: after activating the central node you will have to move to the area’s center and protect it from intruders. The longer you stand in the designated zone, the more contract points you get!


Official ICA Handbook (excerpt):

- Get down to the planet (using sanctioned ICA drop pods)
- Look for our old installations
- Find the central node
- Follow the (patented) holographic lines from the central node to the terminals
- Clear the overgrowth (with maximum prejudice)
- Activate the terminal
- Repeat until all terminals are activated
- Activate the central node

And remember: If you have a chance to activate the main facility, do it! You will be rewarded accordingly.