Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will discuss how to evacuate properly.

Listen up, rookies! This one will be short and sweet. I’ll now explain how you can get your sorry butts out of the hot-zone of Fortuna III and NOT get left behind to experience the nightmare field that we lovingly call “The Cycle”. So listen closely, because I will not repeat myself. If you miss the shuttle or get eaten by critters, it’s on YOU.


I am sure you’ve already noticed the timer on the top of your screen. It’s your lifeline, so pay close attention to it. It will warn you about the gathering storm on the horizon.

Even more important: As soon as the Cycle reaches its critical point, the Evac shuttle will arrive and its landing location will be shown on your map. Be sure to make your way there ASAP, because I know the pilots, and those guys will NOT wait for anybody, especially not for a rookie like you.


To give you even more incentive to survive (because apparently some of you seem to need it), the corporate wigs decided to make a contract out of the whole evacuation process. The noise and commotion during the storms lure a lot of monsters to the EVAC zone, and they must be eliminated before the shuttle can land.

And I mean all of them. If even a single critter remains, the shuttle will continue circling the area and the pilots will give you their trademark “smug grin” from above.

Since everyone will want a piece of the action, you will be awarded according to your contribution. The more creatures you kill and the more damage you do to them in general, the more contract points you’ll get out of it.

A word of advice from a veteran Prospector: watch your back in the EVAC zone. Other Prospectors might try to "discourage" you from leaving the planet.


You shouldn’t need a special incentive to stay alive, but it is what it is. As soon as the storm draws near, go to the EVAC zone and kill the monsters. And then jump on the shuttle before they leave you there to die!