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  • ADS Time: Aim Down Sights Time
  • Stability: This Stat affects the recoil of weapons
  • Spread: Affects how far from the center of the crosshair or sight a shot can land
  • VP: Victory Points (points awarded during the match for doing contracts)
  • DBNO: Down But Not Out
  • AoE: Area of Affect
  • PvP: Player versus Player
  • PvE: Player versus Environment
  • Contract Points: The points needed to progress a contract for the next milestone for VP
  • Eco: Your ingame economy / credits – Eco can also mean that you focus on credit farm for a bit


For detailed information on contracts visit

Here we will showcase tips to help you deal with contracts specifically:

If you want to check the more visual version Contract Guide, just click here to expand it!


  • Drone Salvage: Kill all the monsters as fast as possible, if you don’t do it quickly enough it is likely a
    drone will break.
  • Drone Carrier Defend: This Contract is an amazing source of exp and economy early on, if you spawn
    near a drone location go straight for it. When you are later into a match launching a drone is not a good
    idea, because other players will certainly destroy it if they are close.
  • Drone Carrier Sabotage: In the middle stages of the game destroying enemy drone carriers will give
    you a good boost of VP. It should be easy to achieve as your enemies will be focused on protecting the
    carrier from the mobs.
  • Uplink: This contract is amazing as passive VP gain, but other prospectors will contest you for it. The
    first uplink starts at the 18:00 minute mark. Be sure to check your map to know the timer of the active
    uplink and which one will be active next, which helps with deciding where to go next. It is rarely worth
    contesting an uplink that is only active for less than 60 seconds.
  • Power Stations: These are a great source of VP. They spawn all over the map and do require a lot of
    time to complete, but the later contracts can give you a lot of points for them. You can look at your map
    or use the scanner to find the three terminals needed to power it on.
  • Central Station: This is what the devs call a “Super Contract” as it gives a huge amount of VP in a
    really short span of time. It will appear when 5 power stations are active at the same time, before the
    5:00 minute mark.

    • You need to stay in the blue circle to gain points for it, unlike a normal power station. You
      should target it when available. Co-bots are spawned while doing it, giving you lots of VP, EXP and
      Credits. After Finishing Central Station all Power Stations on the map will be reset.
  • Hunts: Hunts are good sources of VP, exp and credits. As you are constantly moving through the map you will come across them naturally. The more stars it has, the more monsters spawn in it. While you are in an orange hunt area you can use your scanner to find the exact location of the monsters.
  • Alpha Warden: Once all players in the lobby have collected a cumulative amount of 10000 biomass points(8000 in solo) from hunts, an Alpha Warden will spawn on the marked location of the map. Like with Central Station it is another Super Contract, hence it is high priority. Be sure to look at the biomass counter so you can be the first Prospector at the Alpha Warden.
  • Veltecite Mineral: This contract is your main source of EXP and Credits during the Early Game. They can be done quickly while you are waiting for other contracts.
  • Zeal Shards: Zeals are a risky contract. While holding them you will be permanently revealed on the map. It is a passive VP gain, granting you points over time as long as you hold it.
    • A Red Zeal spawns around the 12 minute mark and getting in the ship while holding it will give you an extra 40VP. This contract has a high PvP chance so be aware that other prospectors want to steal them from you.
  • Letium Gas: Letium Refiners level up with time, gaining more contract points later on. Therefore it is better to steal them rather than destroying them. There is also a spot on the map that has 9+ refiners really close to each other. Letium is best grabbed on the way to other contracts, and it will give you passive vp and credit income.
  • Brightcaps: Brightcaps are an amazing source of VP, but a high risk high reward contract. You will face a trade-off. Losing time delivering small quantities of Brightcaps (5ish) or losing tons of them if you get foamed or recalled while holding them in order to save precious time. Brightcap fields can also spawn, which is a larger green icon on the map. These fields have a lot of brightcaps. Therefore, be aware of your enemies and deliver them while rotating to another objective to save time. When holding 10 Brightcaps or more, a group of ticks will spawn around you every 60ish seconds. You can use these in combat against other players if you play smart.
  • Laser Drill: This contract is a balance between VP, credits, and experience to level up your suit. It lands at the 15:30 minute mark on a designated location of the map. Never stay on drill when it is travelling to its next location, traveling on the ground can give you VP on the way from other contracts.
    • If you shoot the core of the drill it will explode, putting anyone within the blast radius(most of the drill) in DBNO. This Contract only spawns in duos and squads.
  • Cycle Spike: This contract has a 75% chance(hunt and powerstation decrease chance by 25%) to spawn each match around the 5:00 minute mark. If gives a lot of VP so go do it if you can. Try picking up the spikes while jumping over them, to avoid lightning zaps. Try using the lightning strikes to your advantage, such as distracting a player, and as a result, they get hit by one.
  • Mag Train: You can capture the Train at the 15:15 minute mark and onwards (as soon as it is loaded). Holding it while it travels is a nice passive VP source. However, its true potential is met when it is unloading its cargo, giving you points 3 times faster. Contesting enemy trains is a great strat on close matches. If you already own a train, make sure no one steals it when it is unloading.

Personal Contracts

Personal Contracts: These contracts show up only in solos mode, and aren’t shared with pact-mates
like other contracts are. They are unmarked but can be found using the scanner.

  • ALF Tracks: Interact with a set of tracks to spawn a trail leading to a Blueman nest. Interact with the
    egg to earn 20 VP. Other prospectors can take the egg as well.
  • ALF Egg: Glowing green eggs often found in high places. These eggs give off a unique humming sound
    as well. These eggs can be brought to a marked drop-off location to earn 20 VP. Only one egg can be
    carried at a time.
  • Data terminal: Terminals with a lit purple screen. They also give off a low-pitched hum. Finding and
    interacting with three of these terminals in a game gives 30 VP. They can be found in buildings.
    ALF tracks are best done immediately; ALF eggs and data terminals are best done while doing other


You can go to the shooting range and try all the weapons out before buying them with your K-marks.
If you want recommendations for good weapons, ask in the official cycle discord.
Weapons have different Speed Multipliers, equip your pistol or another light weapon like an SMG or
gorgon, when you are running through the map to travel quicker.

  • Pistol/Secondary Weapons: This is the weapon you will start a match with. It is the most important
    weapon choice of a match, so choose which one you like most.
  • SMG: These guns are great on close combat, have fast reload times and high DPS. They have high
    recoil, but if you can manage it they are also very usable at long range.
  • Assault Rifle: Great all-rounder rifles like in a lot of games. With these guns it is worth aiming for
    weak spot hits as they have a nice headshot multiplier.
  • Shotgun: Close Quarter Combat weapons more suited for shooting and moving between shots, they
    have a bad headshot multiplier so landing more pellets on the body will be more rewarding.
  • Explosive Weapons: Explosives do not have a headshot multiplier but their AoE makes them easy to
    use on both PvE and PvP. Explosives deal less damage the farther away your target is from the impact.
  • Battle Rifles: They are a mix of an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle, they have more range and
    headshot multiplier than ARs, but less than Snipers, these weapons are heavily reliant on landing
    headshots and therefore their skill-ceiling is higher than usual.
  • Sniper Rifles: These weapons deal high damage, even more on headshots, but they have a low rate of
    fire. Landing shots with these is very rewarding, and in the hands of a skilled player, they can also be
    used like shotguns in close range.
  • Heavy Weapons: There are 3 unique weapons in this category and it will explain each one separately
    because they are too different from each other.

    • ICA Guarantee: This is a light machine gun which has high DPS and magazine size, but it has high
      recoil in the first few shots. After that it is easy to manage and will shred any opponent.
    • Zeus Beam: This Laser Beam will melt single targets and is easy to use, thanks to its high QOL
    • HAZE: Better suited for Squad play, it’s the best Area control and denial weapon in the game, stacking its bubbles will create a massive spot where your enemies won’t be able to go in or walk through without risking death. If you create a big enough bubble it will explode for massive damage. Its best uses are contesting Laser Drill, Uplink and Mag Train.

Movement and Suits

Basic movement:
You can run by holding down the run button (default is “shift”), this makes you move faster and you
should do this all the time.
While running you can press the crouch button (default is “Ctrl”) to slide. This will not make you faster,
but it will speed you up to your running speed instantly, useful for moving out of standstill. When you
are sliding your hitbox changes and you are a lot harder to hit.

There are 3 suits in the game (augment is the fourth but it’s total lack of movement makes it almost
unusable), each suit gives the player different movement abilities along with other stuff.

Dragonfly Flightsuit:
Gives you a jetpack, which you can use to fly. Also gives you the ability to slam from above dealing
damage to what you hit. Great for map traversal.

Boxer Warsuit:
By holding down jump, you perform a super jump, going considerably higher. Also gives you the ability to
punch forward dealing 200 damage to what you hit, while also moving you fast forward. The punch is
also very helpful in map traversal.

Aani QuickSuit:
Gives you the ability to slidejump (begin a slide, then jump and you will get a speed boost forward) and
double jump (later also triple jump.) You also get the ability to dodge sideways or backwards, to avoid
being hit. Look in the settings how to perform the dodge. It has less health than the other suits.


Eco is getting credits to buy stuff in a match. It is very important to get good eco in the start of the
match, as it gives you the ability to buy better weapons, abilities and upgrades.

You can get a lot of eco by doing minerals and maybe some hunts. You can also loot buildings and get
some credits that way, your scanner can help with finding them. In duos and squads split up and do your
own minerals, this way you get more credits faster.

White mineral:
The white mineral appears in 2 places on the map, it will spawn once the 90 second countdown is done.
This is a big 1000 mineral and will spawn a lot of monsters to kill for credits. Along with the big
mineral, there are also a lot of smaller minerals around it. By doing all these minerals you will have
enough eco to buy a good weapon and an ability. But be careful because other players will also try to
take this and you might be attacked.

Early drones:
Doing a drone early in the match can give you a lot of eco. Launching the drone will spawn a lot of mobs
which you can kill for credits. Along with the credits launching the drone also gives you 30VP. Again be
careful other players want to destroy your drone as that gives a lot of VP.

Extra Tips

Upgrade your Gear: You can spend your extra credits during a match to upgrade your weapons and abilities, to give you a small edge. Usually it is better to upgrade your abilities since the +5% extra damage is not a lot, while a -5s cooldown or duration is!

Pacting in solo mode: Some contracts are worth to be done while you are pacted. When pacted you are 2 people being able to do different contracts for more VP. Remember, when you are pacted you and your pactmate will lose your shields making you weaker against enemy ambushes. Success of pacting depends on the situation, and needs some skill to pull it off in a way to gain an advantage.

The Map: Open your map often(default is “tab”) to gain valuable information where the contracts are. Such as where a powerstation is that you can power up, or where the next uplink is going to be. Make it a habit to open it often, so you always know where to go next.

The 2 different maps: There are two possible maps where you can play on.

Bright Sands (Map 1) features a large desert and swamp across the bottom of the map, with lush forest and jungle along the top. The evac area is in the center, inside a mountain with entrances from all sides.

Crescent Falls (map 2) is more a bowl shape, with a gradual incline the farther you get from the middle. It also features a salt lake area to the left of the evac zone, which is a circular valley with ridges along the edge, great for sniping. Map 2 also has a lot of credits found in buildings, particularly around the three uplinks.


VeryGreatFrog, StevnbaK, The Cycle discord community.
Contract guide by GeoJelly – Full credits on the picture.

Map images from Fortuna III – The Cycle Wiki. All other images property of Yager

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