Welcome to training, Prospector! Today we will cover how to gather and deliver Brightcaps.

As we lived on the surface we noticed the Brightcaps as they started spreading across the land. At first we thought they were native to Fortuna III, but the science lads say they’re related to “agaricus bisporus” - the common table mushroom from Earth. Apparently something on the planet mutated the species and it spread like wildfire.

Our people need them for many purposes, mostly as medicine and food (yep, still edible), though I know Osiris is also trying to figure out the exact nature of the things as well. And of course some sell them on the Solar Market as an exotic delicacy. Gathering them would definitely be worth your while, Prospector.


Your goal is to find and collect Brightcaps, and then drop them off at specific collection points for later transport to Prospect Station. As soon as you spot a Brightcap’s blue glow, you can safely approach and collect it.

There’s no limit to the amount of Brightcaps you can carry, and your HUD will show you how many are in your inventory as well as how many you need to deliver in order to finish the contract. You will need more and more Brightcaps for every subsequent contract we assign you.

When you reach a collection point, simply stand near it to start the transfer. Moving the mushrooms to the quarantined storage unit takes some time, so stay put! Once enough fungi are transferred the contract is completed!


Beware the competition! If your suit takes excessive damage, some Brightcaps can easily fall out of their holding container. The more damage you get, the more you will lose. If you get downed you will drop the entire container, so be mindful of your surroundings after a firefight! Your competition might drop mushrooms as well, and you would do well in collecting it, if nothing else to make a risky job a tad bit easier.


Another tidbit for you: The Ticks of Fortuna III just cannot stay away from this stuff. They love it! The more Brightcaps you hold, the more Ticks will get attracted by its influence and come running to take it from you. Be sure to drop the mushrooms off at regular intervals to reduce the interference.

Brightcaps in your immediate vicinity will be shown on your map. Sometimes there are even whole fields full of Brightcaps, so keep your eyes open for more! But beware, since those are usually defended by a large amount of Ticks and their Howler overlord. They really do like to keep their treats to themselves.


Thanks for your interest in our plight, Prospector. Remember, collect the Brightcaps, drop them off, and make sure not to lose any on the way! We could sure need those shrooms, so please assist us!