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Greetings Prospectors!

We come with good and bad news today.

The bad news first – we will postpone the alpha VI test by 2 weeks to Feb 28 until Mar 02. Why, you ask? Well, we have a bunch of reasons:

Firstly, we want for everyone involved, you the players and us the developers, to get the most out of this alpha test. Alpha VI will bring A LOT of changes, new features and additions to the game (check out the list below), as well as a major overhaul of a core aspect of the game, in the station rework.

We felt it was best to give the team another couple of weeks (or a “sprint” if you want to use fancy game dev lingo) to get all these changes ready.

Secondly, alpha VI is planned to be our last closed alpha test before we go into closed beta in spring, so it’s pretty important we got all the things in place that we want to test before beta.

We know that many of you will be disappointed, that you’ll have to wait even longer to return to Fortuna III, but actually, you won’t have to wait that long at all…

To bridge the gap until alpha VI, we’ve decided to run a public test server (PTS) for one night only in two weeks on Feb 8. We’ll give you more info soon, but it’ll likely run for around five hours from late afternoon CET. So, you will have a chance to play The Cycle even sooner than initially planned.

On top of that, we will do things a little different this time around. Alpha VI will run continuously from Thursday Feb 28 at 5pm until midnight on Saturday Mar 02. That’s 55 (!) hours on Fortuna III, or in other words, only one hour less than in the last four alpha tests combined!

So what’s all the fuss about you ask? Luckily we’ve pulled together this handy list of the major features coming to the game, take a look.


Prospect Station overhaul

All factions of Prospect Station worked together the last weeks to offer you a more user friendly station interface, showing you all relevant information in a clearer manner. The crafting and modding system has also undergone a fundamental revamp and we’ll share more details on this soon.


New contract

“Salvage Research Drones… their bellies are full of tantalizing data on Fortuna III. Their transponder signal unfortunately attracts some of the planet’s worst inhabitants, so be sure to rescue them fast! Once you’ve activated enough Drones, protect their Carrier while it prepares to launch and return to Prospect Station… or take down rival Carriers in the hidden war between Factions!”

New AI – Howler

A new creature type, christened “Howler” by Prospectors, has recently been spotted on Fortuna III. Be careful if you see them, they’re known to enrage and harden creatures nearby, as well as summon thralls to defend themselves. While their shell is difficult to penetrate, latest research indicates that these Howlers are highly vulnerable along their belly and back.


Ability Mods

You are now able to unlock and craft mods for certain abilities; these override the base ability to provide new behaviors. For example:

  • Convert your Triage Sphere into a healing aura that travels with you, at the cost of healing power
  • Turn your directional warp into a weapon by inflicting explosive damage on activation, at the cost of range
  • A Static Cloak that makes you nearly invisible when standing still, at the cost of high visibility when moving


Modifiable Standard Items

We’ve added modifiable versions of Standard “CoTec” equipment like the BR50 Rifle or S-76 SMG. These versions are designated Mk2, and can be crafted through progression and used for modding.


Character Customization

You are now able to customize your look!

Three new weapons

Manticore – Osiris Flechette Assault Rifle

Intended for use in pressurized environments, the Manticore was designed for more militaristic use than the compact ASP. Lightweight, accurate, and lethal, it’s seen use by marines both performing as and defending against boarding parties.

PKR Maelstrom – Korolev Automatic Phasic Shotgun

Korolev’s first attempt at a building a phase weapon, the Phase-Kinetic Reactive “Maelstrom’s” ammo pack carries more than enough energy to fulminate whatever gets in its way in a matter of seconds, provided it’s close enough.

H.A.Z.E – ICA Plasma Launcher

While developing a velticite-powered plasma cannon, ICA scientists discovered that High Amplitude Zender Emissions had an effect remarkably similar to that of the energy field known as “The Cycle”. The Launchers projectiles create one of those highly dangerous fields upon impact, albeit with a much short lifespan. The operator can fire additional rounds into it in order to counteract the H.A.Z.E. field’s decay and even grow it, greatly increasing the area it affects. If the field reaches critical mass, it will explode in a devastating release of energy.


General improvements and balancing

Finally we’ll have tons of balancing changes, improvements to existing features and performance, bugfixes and more.

We really hope you’ll join us for the next stage of The Cycle, with our biggest patch and longest alpha test to date.