Today’s news we share with a heavy heart. The Cycle: Frontier will shut down on September 27, 2023. Making this decision was very difficult for us, but ultimately it was a necessary one. You can find more information about this, as well as refunds, our final patch, and any questions you may have here. We are incredibly grateful for all your support during this wonderful journey, we couldn’t have done it without you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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When will servers for The Cycle: Frontier be closed?

Why is The Cycle: Frontier shutting down?

What will happen to The Cycle: Frontier until the servers' closure on September 27?

So I won’t be able to purchase Aurum or bundles?

Can I expect a refund for my purchases?

What will happen to the Discord server and other channels?

Can I still get in touch with customer support?

Can I get a standalone server for TC:F?

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